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PQI Air Wireless Mobile Products are on the Market - The World's Leader in Wireless Technology Easier living and sharing on the cloud

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Power Quotient International Company (PQI), the number one wireless storage medium brand, has developed many technologically creative products, such as fire-resistant USB flash drives, and multi-functional business-card sized flash drives. PQI has become a world-wide paragon for digital storage. In the last few years, PQI has developed a wide variety of technological products and has produced forward-looking technologies that provide new user experiences. In order to produce an all-encompassing, wireless, mobile world, PQI has always produced its new PQI Air wireless mobile products with the spirit of "sharing" in mind. It allows its device users to instantly share every precious moment of their lives in a world not bound by wires and cords. 

The newly developed products from PQI include the world's first wireless portable hard drive, the PQI Air Bank, and the world's smallest portable hard drive, the PQI Air Pen. Both new devices use the latest in Wi-Fi and sharing technology to give smart phone and tablet computer users the technology to wirelessly upload and share their documents and pictures. Also, both devices allow up to 5 users to simultaneously connect to the device on their smart phone, tablet computer, or Ultrabook and view and share their content. The new Air Bank and Air Pen considerably improve mobile, wireless storage and sharing.  Both devices provide a "personal cloud" function, whereby users can use Air series devices in a Wi-Fi environment to store and access their digital content. Relax and enjoy sharing in the new mobile, wireless life! 

The International CEO of Power Quotient International Company (PQI), Alan Chang, says to all of his customers, "The entire PQI Air series of wireless mobile products not only conquers the limitations of the storage devices of the past, it also solidifies PQI's position as the most comprehensive wireless storage brand. "According to recent consumer report institutions, the personal cloud is becoming a necessary fixture in the age of ubiquitous smart phones. In fact, it is estimated that in 2013, the worldwide use of personal clouds will surpass 600 million users, a number that is expected to jump to 1.3 billion users in 2017. The PQI Air series uses the latest in every aspect its technologies to provide the user with a more convenient way to transfer data. It also brings the user a step closer to the new era of cloud technology, an era of "Memory in the Air." The Air line makes the wireless, mobile life truly unlimited!"

Information on the PQI Air series of wireless mobile products is as follows:

PQI Air Bank - The World's First Portable Wireless Hard Drive Personal Cloud Technology - The world's first combination of a wireless router with wireless cloud technology and a portable, wireless hard drive 

The PQI Air Bank is a 2.5 inch portable wireless hard drive with the latest in wireless technology and Wi-Fi sharing functionality. It gives users of smart phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, or other mobile devices a great medium for data storage, which is provided in 1TB and 500GB models. No matter if it is video, pictures, audio, or document, you can wirelessly connect and transfer your data to your iPad, tablet, or smart phone. The Air Bank allows backup and playback of up to 1250 hours of video. Using the USB 3.0 connection, you can shorten the time it takes to transfer your content and do so without interruption in the connection. In terms of power, the internal lithium battery can be used for up to 8 hours. With all that time, you can relax in knowing that your content is available wherever you go. 

In addition to being compatible for use over Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, the PQI Air Bank is also designed with a RJ-45 port on the side which can use used to connect an Ethernet cable and turn the device into a wireless access point for your own personal use. Wireless sharing is smoother and more convenient on the Air Bank, just download the PQI App, "PQI Air Bank+" (supports iOS and Android operating systems), and you can instantly share your digital content on Facebook. Also, with the PQI Air Bank Web interface, users can use an ordinary browser to read and set settings for their Air Bank content. Wherever you are, wherever you go, Air Bank is just a click away. 

What's more, PQI has developed the PQI Air Pen as a special companion piece to the PQI Air Bank, to make storage and sharing that much more convenient. With the PQI Air Pen's quick backup function, a simple click saves a copy of all of your data. Such exclusive functionality is a world first. It does away with all the annoying settings and procedures, just a simple click and your data is safe.

PQI Air Pen - The World's Smallest Wireless Personal Cloud - Small Like a Flash Drive, But Full of Functionality-A Wireless Router and Personal Cloud in One Device 

The PQI Air Pen is the world's smallest personal wireless AP, weighing only 40 g. The device itself is only as big as a stick of lipstick, making it an easy fit in your pocket. When an Ethernet cable is connected to the RJ-45 port on the bottom of the device, the device can act as a wireless access point (802.11b/g/n), allowing for up to five devices to simultaneously connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi. This function completely solves access problems when out on business or vacation, and when your iPad, tablet, or ultrabook device lacks a port to connect the Ethernet cable provided in your hotel. Now you only need to hit the power switch, "P," and you'll be free to access the Internet. 

In addition, the PQI Air Pen is equipped with a micro SD card-slot, making it the world's first user-adjustable storage device that makes storage extremely personalizable. The Air Pen supports a wide range of content formats. Just go to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the "PQI Air Pen+" app and you will be able to effortlessly access your pictures, audio files, videos, and documents; you can also upload your pictures directly to Facebook. Simplified and personalized, the PQI Air Pen eliminates annoying, overly-complicated procedures.The special Web interface for the PQI Air Pen allows you to access and use your content from the browser of your computer, laptop, or ultrabook with ease. Also, the PQI Air Pen is designed with a single-click backup function. That means that the data stored on your PQI Air Bank can be backed-up across both devices--and all you need to do is click. With its high-quality lithium battery, you can backup your important data and access it anywhere. Saving time and energy has never been so convenient. 

A Successor to the PQI Air Pen masterpiece: the PQI Air Pen Express

Smaller than its competitors, connect directly to a NB/Ultrabook to charge and use

Riding the wave of the tremendous success of the PQI Air Pen, PQI seeks to continue this momentum with its new masterpiece-the PQI Air Pen Express (mobile wireless router)! Adding to the lightweight functionality of the PQI Air Pen, the capabilities of the Air Pen Express are unparalleled across the general router market. Regardless of its small size and light weight, the Air Pen Express can be conveniently charged with any Notebook or Ultrabook, and, without the need of a heavy charger, it allows highly portable charging of smartphones or mobile phones alike. Its simple design supports plug-and-play functionality that suitable for going out and even business travel.

PQI Air Drive-The World's Thinnest: A Portable Wireless Card Reader that is the Size of a Business Card  - 5 Users can Connect Simultaneously Storage Size Changes with Your Needs 

The PQI Air Drive Portable Wireless Card Reader is built in the spirit of "sharing." It uses super thin, patented circuits along with the latest in Wi-Fi technology to provide users of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers with a solution to a common problem-insufficient and non-expandable memory on your mobile device. The PQI Air Drive is world-leading in many ways-convenience, physical size, and weight. The 8mm PQI Air Drive fits in the breast pocket of your shirt, and at a mere 55g, it is the world's lightest, most portable storage device. Also, the Air Drive is equipped with a SD card reader slot, so you can tailor the storage size to suit your own needs. When you start your device, the green power indicator and the blue Wi-Fi indicator will light up. With just a single glance, you can know the operational state of the device. Immediately after starting the device, you can transfer your content and share it with your friends. Using the Air Drive is as simple as flipping a switch. 

A USB connection is built directly into the device. Never again will you have to worry about forgetting that one important cord you need to access your data. Before using the PQI Air Drive, users can visit the app store and download the free "PQI Air Drive+" app (supports iOS and Android operating systems). The convenient functionality of the app interface allows you share your content with a single click. A total of 5 mobile devices can connect to the Air Drive at any one time and simultaneously access your content. Safe and environmentally friendly, its internal lithium battery supports up to 5 hours of continuous video-play. You no longer need to worry about power problems when sharing your content, enjoy your content anywhere and at your convenience.

PQI Air Card-A Wireless Memory Card with Flexible Storage  - Even Without a Cord, Sharing Your Digital Content is Quick and Easy 

Completely smashing the mold of the traditional memory card, the PQI Air Card Wireless Memory Card makes use of the latest in Wi-Fi technology with the spirit of "instant sharing" always in mind. Users can now share and transfer their content anywhere, anytime. The PQi Air Card is the world's first upgradable Wi-Fi SC memory card. With the built-in proprietary micro SD port, users can add or remove storage as needed. The device supports speeds of up to Class10, and sizes of up to 32GB. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n is supported. Just insert the PQI Air Card into your digital camera's memory card slot, turn on your camera, and you can immediately use the Air Card's Wi-Fi functionality-no extra setup required. And you can say goodbye to all of the annoying or overly-complicated operational procedures. Use a smart phone, tablet computer, or any other mobile device to download the "PQI Air Card+" app (which can be found on the Apple App Store or on Google Play; the app supports both iOS and Android operating systems) and you can share your content immediately. 

About PQI

PQI was founded in 1997 and joined the Foxlink Group in 2010. Not only is PQI the world leading brand in wireless storage media technology and products, it is also one of the world's top ten professional manufacturers of DRAM modules and flash memory devices. The company's products are distributed to markets all over the world, and its sales are can be divided into five major product lines: PQI Storage, PQI Air, PQI Power, PQI Audio, and PQI Mobility. Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI) is a publicly listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (ISIN Code: 6145). For more information, please visit www.pqigroup.com.