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HomePlug 85Mbps Ethernet adapter with a built in 54Mbps access point

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Solwise announces the PL-85PEW

HomePlug 85Mbps Ethernet Adapter with a built in 54Mbps Access Point

Hull, UK, February 27th 2006 – Solwise, a UK based 'Direct Channel' importer and distributor of telecoms and computer products, today announced the Solwise PL-85PEW – the latest addition to its HomePlug Family.

The Solwise PL-85PEW is a Homeplug 85Mbps Ethernet Adapter with a built in 54Mbps Access Point. The adaptor uses the Intellon 85Mbps Turbo chipset which means it is compatible with the rest of the Solwise HomePlug range. The built-in wireless access point uses the Infineon Wildpass Chipset - this solution transforms your home power circuit into a networking infrastructure and a WAN connection.

Solwise PL-85PEWPL-85PEW

The PL-85PEW is ideal for anyone who wants to extend their wireless signal coverage for Internet access or to make an internal network.  Built-in Quality of Service (QOS)  for HomePlug  also provides the necessary bandwidth for multimedia payloads including  Broadband TV (IPTV), higher data rate broadband sharing, Online-Gaming, VoIP Calls, Wireless LANs coverage, Audio-Video transmission across the network as well as Network camera connectivity.

Easy to install and use, it plugs straight in to any existing wall electrical socket while having a low power consumption, it comes with 56 bit DES encryption ensuring that your network communication is free from eavesdroppers and hackers. The AutoMDI/MDIX functionality also simplifies and ensures a hassle free installation. Antenna is removable - Reverse SMA Connector.

Pricing and availability

PL-85PEW 85 Mbps Ethernet PowerLine Plug Adapter - £69.18 inc vat

The Solwise HomePlug range is available now and can be purchased online at:

About Solwise
Founded in 1991, Solwise Ltd. are a UK-based 'Direct Channel' importer and distributor of telecoms and computer products. In addition to our attractively-priced range of high-quality ADSL, VoIP, Wireless, HomePlug & Networking devices, we stock a number of interesting specialist items.