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Edimax unveils unique nLITE wireless solution for high speed Wi-Fi access

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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, October 2008 - Edimax Technology (TSEC: 3047), leading manufacturer of networking solutions, announces a new wireless solution for notebook and desktop PC’s. The BR-6324nL wireless broadband router and the EW-7711UMn wireless USB adapter are entry-level versions of the existing BR-6574n and EW-7718Un. The new nLITE series provide a high throughput at the speed of 150Mb per second and an increased coverage over current 802.11b/g solutions, at a price point that approaches the current 802.11b/g solutions. The nLITE series feature a specific architecture that ensures significantly lower power consumption than traditional 11n products.

The BR-6324nL is extremely easy to install and manage with the multilingual setup wizard and EZView management. With EZView, even the most inexperienced users can easily monitor and manage, not just the BR-6324nL, but all Edimax devices in the network. Within the EZView management, the BR-6324nL becomes the central point in the network, from which all connected UPnP compatible devices can be monitored, linked, renamed and managed. Users can additionally assign a unique and easy to remember name for all connected devices which means that they don’t need to remember multiple IP addresses. Advanced security features include WPA/WPA2 security and WEP data encryption to help prevent outside intrusion and protect personal information.

The EW-7711UMn wireless USB adapter features a compact design which allow home and office users to connect their computer to a wireless network to access a high-speed Internet connection, transfer files and stream media from greater distances around the entire home or office and ensures a completely secure Wi-Fi connection. The BR-6324nL and EW-7711UMn are fully compatible with the existing industry wireless standards, such as 802.11b/g/n. In addition, both products support a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) configuration function that enables users to easily set up wireless security.

“With this nLITE wireless solutions we would like to show our commitment to deliver low-cost solutions that offer similar performance”, says Kenneth Teh, managing director at Edimax Technology UK.”While we are still enjoying a growth in our current 802.11n solutions, we also recognize an additional demand for entry-level products that offer a higher performance than traditional 802.11b/g solutions.” 

The BR-6324nL and EW-7711UMn bundle will be exclusively available from CCI Distribution for a recommended retail price of £45.00 including VAT.