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Edimax unveils nLITE wireless router series

by Scott Bicheno on 16 October 2008, 12:05

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Best of both worlds?

Networking company Edimax has launched a new family of wireless routers designed to occupy the market segment between 802.11g and 802.11n.

The nLITE series is not ‘n' certified but apparently uses similar technology, as it achieves throughput speeds around ten percent lower than ‘n' and has wider range than current ‘b/g' solutions, according to Edimax.

The unique selling point is that it's priced in the ‘g' bracket so Edimax seems to be saying "'n' performance at ‘g' prices."

The specific products being launched are the BR-6324nL router and the EW-7711UMn wireless USB adapter, which are entry-level versions of the existing BR-6574n and EW-7718Un.

A bundle of the two (pictured) is being distributed exclusively by CCI and is expected to have a selling price of around £45.

"With this nLITE wireless solutions we would like to show our commitment to deliver low-cost solutions that offer similar performance", said Kenneth Teh, MD of Edimax UK."While we are still enjoying a growth in our current 802.11n solutions, we also recognize an additional demand for entry-level products that offer a higher performance than traditional 802.11b/g solutions."



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