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Meetings are about to become more productive, more collaborative and more engaging: Sharp unveils second generation of BIG PAD

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Amsterdam, 4 February 2014 - At ISE today, Sharp Europe announces the launch of its highly anticipated second generation series of collaborative touch screens, the BIG PAD. With improved usability and embedded functionality, BIG PAD makes meetings more productive, presentations more collaborative and ideas more engaging. Perfect for a broad range of commercial and public sector environments, BIG PAD can be used as an educational aid, presentation tool and an interactive workspace.

Christian Schwaiger, Vice President, Sharp Visual Solutions Europe, said "BIG PAD has been a big favourite with our customers since it launched in 2012 because it matches how people want to work. For two years, we have been looking at how to take BIG PAD further and today, with the second generation BIG PAD, we're making it even easier for people to share ideas and solve problems together."

With a wide range of new features, including simultaneous writing by up to four people and data sharing with remote places, the next generation BIG PAD is perfect for letting groups collaborate on ideas in meetings and speeding up tasks which require input from multiple users, by using one highly engaging interactive whiteboard.

To introduce the new BIG PAD series, Sharp will show the Advanced Model at ISE.

Key features include:

Multi touch and multi-user capabilities

Letting people work together, the next generation BIG PAD lets up to four users write simultaneously, using wirelessly connected touch pens which can identify each pen's profile, including chosen pen colour. The screen, which has improved resistance against fingerprints, scratches and reflection, can now recognise up to ten touch points at once. 

Better writing experience

To ensure a smooth and natural writing style, the wirelessly connected touch pens come with an integrated pressure sensor on the pen tip for increased user control. Easier operability has also been achieved with the addition of three button controls, including a "Page forward/back" button.

Instant usability

Quicker power-on means that the next generation BIG PAD is ready to use instantly after it is switched on*, perfect for spontaneous meetings or group work. In addition, newly embedded functions are available without the need to connect to an external PC, including an integrated white board feature, a pre-programmed presentation mode and easily accessible media player.

The next generation BIG PAD also includes a new Touch Menu on the front bezel, so that input switching and volume control can be changed quickly at the device, as well as with a remote control.

It also includes new front speakers for greater sound clarity.

Easy data sharing

To help teams collaborate wherever they are, BIG PAD makes data sharing easy and wireless, with Touch Display Link Software 2.0. This allows all information to be shared between BIG PAD and a tablet or PC, as well as via other offices and locations, within a company's local area network.

Greater connectivity

Two series of input terminals are now provided to connect BIG PAD to almost any other AV or PC device.

BIG PAD Advanced Model will be available to buy in Europe in April 2014.

*from stand-by mode