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Sharp makes super-slim, high brightness displays available to more businesses with new models in PN-U series

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London, 7 October 2013 - Sharp is upgrading its professional display offering with the launch of three new professional displays; the PN-U553 (55"), PN-U473 (47") and PN-U423 (42"). The easy-to- install displays offer businesses the latest Sharp screen innovations including high brightness, slim design and low power consumption; all to help them make maximum visual impact on their customers and increase footfall in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The screens will be used in a wide range of environments, from shops and offices to public spaces such as transportation hubs.

Darren Gaffey, UK Sales Manager, Visual Solutions said: "We know that managers at shopping centres, conference centres, offices and transport hubs are looking for screens for digital signage which combine high brightness, LED backlight, slimness and 24/7 operation in the same product - Sharp is the only manufacturer that offers that. And now we offer it in a range of sizes to suit every business need."

High brightness

All of the PN-U Series displays offer high brightness - the 55" and 47" offer 700 cd/m2 and the 42" offers 500 cd/m2 - and excellent image quality, making them ideal for displaying images and information in indoor or semi-outdoor public spaces like shopping centres, railway stations and airport concourses where there is a high level of ambient light.

Slim design

The displays are super-slim, stylish and lightweight, making them easy to wall mount, in either portrait or landscape position, even in small spaces. An infrared remote control with easy-to-use menus is included to aid in simple installation.

24/7 operation

The PN-U Series displays use edge-lit LED backlighting, which means not only are they exceptionally thin (from 55 to 57mm at their thickest point), but they also offer extremely low power consumption and long screen life, making them ideal for demanding 24/7 usage.

Controls and connections

The displays are controllable over the network or via RS232C and offer a wide range of connections for as much flexibility as possible, including DisplayPort, HDMI input and DVI-D INPUT. Analogue video inputs are also provided as well as line audio in- and outputs for compatibility with older systems. The displays also feature the option to ‘daisy chain' up to five monitors via DVI-D, to powerfully display the same image on all screens.

The PN-U553 (55") is available now and the PN-U473 (47") and PN-U423 (42") models will be available across Europe later this month.

About Sharp Visual Solutions

As an innovator and world leading manufacturer of display technology, Sharp offers an extensive range of displays and solutions for any type of professional application. Screen sizes up to 90 inches are currently available with outstanding features such as high brightness and incredible picture quality with lower power consumption and 24/7 operation. Some models also benefit from advanced features such as video wall capability, interactivity and ultra-high resolution. Sharp products help you communicate, collaborate and disseminate information. This is why Sharp is the perfect solution for every professional display need. For further information, please visit