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DFI® Targets Enthusiasts with the World’s First i875P Chipset Based Motherboard for the Intel® 775

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Hayward, CA (September 23, 2004) – DFI®, a worldwide leader in industrial applications and maker of the UV-reactive LANParty® and LANPartyUT series of motherboards, today launched the world’s most unique hybrid motherboard for the Intel® LGA 775 architecture. Leveraging the maturity of the Canterwood chipset, DFI’s new LANParty 875P-T motherboard allows users to adopt new technologies early by upgrading their computers one stage at a time. With the intention to lower cost of upgrade, the latest motherboard is designed to enable the usage of DDR memory and AGP based graphics solutions while taking advantage of the benefits of the LGA (LAN Grid Array) technology.

Current LGA 775 based motherboards require upgrade in memory type and/or video standard. The unique LANParty 875P-T motherboard offers a perfect blend by integrating the most mature chipset on the latest processing architecture. Based on the Intel i875P/ICH5R chipset, the motherboard supports DDR400 in dual channel mode up to 4GB, 800 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), Hyper-Threading technology and native Performance Acceleration Technology (PAT). To offer great video performance while allowing users to use existing graphics solutions, LANParty 875P-T supports the well-developed 8X AGP standard. When overclocked, the new DFI motherboard offers a wide range of CPU, memory and AGP performance boost options to release the full potential of DDR and 8X AGP. For the first time, enthusiasts will be able to save on platform upgrade while still enjoy a performance gain.

To further the advantages of the Canterwood chipset, the LANParty 875P-T fully supports 2-channel SATA and authentic Intel SATA RAID, Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 firewire. Other integrated features include 6-channel audio with SPDIF in/out and DFI proprietary EZ On/Reset power buttons. As a part of the new LANParty generation, this motherboard features the DFI RockSolid standard by incorporating 100% Japanese capacitors, 4-phase power management and heat-reducing MOSFETs. Designed with the LAN gamers and case modders in mind, the motherboard is completed with orange UV reactive slots/sockets, round cables, zip ties, and cable sleeving. Other useful LAN party based features include a full-size PC Transpo tower carrying case and FrontX expansion box featuring mini Firewire, SPDIF out, external SATA and diagnostic LEDs.

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