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DFI® Releases World’s Fastest Athlon™ 64 Based Motherboard

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Hayward, CA (August 16, 2004) – DFI®, a worldwide leader in industrial computing solutions and maker of the LANParty™ series of motherboards, today launched the highly anticipated LANPartyUT 250Gb motherboard for the Athlon™ 64 platform. Regarded as the best overclocking motherboard for performance minded enthusiasts, DFI’s new LANPartyUT addition combines the flagship UV sensitive hardware design with rich integrated features to deliver unsurpassed user experiences.

Based on the NVIDIA® nForce3 250Gb chipset, the LANPartyUT 250Gb takes full advantage of the chipset’s revolutionary single-chip architecture to enable systems with lower power consumption. Built for the 64-bit computing platform, it supports socket 754 Athlon64 processors up to 3700+, 1600 MTps Hyper Transport and high speed DDR400.

The new LANPatyUT flies past the competition with the industry’s most robust BIOS options. For the discerning overclockers, the LANPartyUT 250Gb is the first to incorporate a wide range of voltage options, including CPU, AGP and memory voltage controls. These unique BIOS options give enthusiasts the highest possible overclock. Removing any bottleneck in the quest to boost performance, this motherboard also features flexible memory timing options that allow users to increase VDIMM multiplier values in 1 and 0.5 increments. Both unique BIOS features provide DFI users the ability to take the socket 754-based motherboard to a level unseen before. Using only air-cooling, overclocking champion Tony Leach (also known as Bigtoe) broke the world record with the LANPartyUT 250Gb to deliver an amazing 425 MHz CPU Front Side Bus and DDR 600 memory overclock.

For the aesthetics-conscious enthusiasts, the LANPartyUT 250Gb sports DFI’s signature UV sensitive slots and sockets. Under black lights, the motherboard glows with the bundled UV sensitive round cables. Continuing the lead in incorporating useful features on board, the new LANPartyUT 250Gb includes signature EZ On/Reset buttons and offers support for SATA, nVRAID, 8-channel audio, SPDIF in/out, USB 2.0, and IEEE 1394 Firewire. To set a new standard in network security, it supports NVIDIA gigabit LAN, Networking Technology and Personal Firewall to provide efficient protection against hackers and virus attacks, professional grade network traffic inspection capabilities, and advanced management features (remote access, configuration and monitoring).

The LANPartyUT 250Gb will be available worldwide at the end of August 2004. For more information on how to pre-order, please email For more information on its complete specifications, please visit