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DFI® Hits Full Throttle at CES CyberXGames With New UV-Reactive Athlon64® LANParty Motherboard

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Hayward, CA (January 6, 2004) - DFI®, maker of the award-winning LANParty® and INFINITY® series of motherboards, today announced the official sponsorship of CES CyberXGames in Las Vegas from January 8-11, 2004. DFI and TeamDFI will be on site at the Riviera Hotel and the Stardust Pavilion to interact with gamers from around the globe and to present the latest DFI Athlon64-based gaming system.

Designed with the most discerning hardcore gamers in mind and based on the feedback provided by hardware enthusiasts, DFI will unveil its next generation LANParty motherboard for the Athlon64 platform. Frame rates per second and the overall horsepower a gaming rig can provide determines more than half of a winning match. The upcoming DFI LANParty solution for the new 64-bit platform addresses this demand with its utmost overclockability and feature rich layout. Case modding fans can continue to extend their creativity on this platform with its UV-sensitive slots and sockets as well as well as the many color-matching bundle gadgets this Athlon64 LANParty motherboard comes with.

TeamDFI, created with the goal to promote LAN gaming within the broad community, will be DFI's official CyberXGaming Ambassadors to demonstrate various winning edges on the DFI-powered gaming rigs. Members of TeamDFI, DFI_Guy, Code_ Zero, Thrash and Teh_Rage, will be on-site at the Stardust Pavilion to game with the gamers and to host TeamDFI Challenge on Friday, January 9, from 1 PM to 2 PM. Expert Call of Duty gamers will be invited to play 4 vs. 4 against the Team for a chance to win DFI/Kingston Prize Packs and to have an opportunity to have their game plays projected onto a giant screen in front of the 2000+ BYOC audience.