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DFI Redefines Performance Motherboards With The Launch Of the LANParty Series

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World's first motherboard series for LAN party gamers delivers exceptional performance, cutting edge features, impressive hardware design, and an array of value added bundles

Hayward, CA (May 22, 2003) - Delivering a powerful combination of innovative technologies and revolutionary performance levels to the motherboards aimed at mobile gamers, today DFI unveiled the new LANPartyTM series of motherboards. The new family offers solutions for both the Intel® and the AMD® platforms.

Industry's first to target the growing LAN party gaming segment, DFI's new series addresses enthusiasts' needs by providing cutting edge features for gamers on the go and rock solid performance to complete the ultimate gaming experience. Based on the newest chipsets from Intel® (i875P), nVidia® (nForce 2 Ultra 400) and VIA® (KT400A), the LANParty series strives to be the most feature rich solution for gamers and other extreme users.

DFI's new LANParty series is designed with the most discerning gamers and demanding applications in mind. Its full feature set includes support for the new dual channel DDR400 memory to solve bottlenecks created with increasing processing power. To enhance the overall gaming experience, LANParty motherboards support the new 8X AGP specification for superior graphic performance and digital 6-channel audio for audio realism. Integrated features include serial ATA, ATA-133 IDE RAID, Gigabit LAN, IEEE 1394 Firewire, and USB 2.0. For overclockers, the LANParty series features Genie BIOS with flexible tweaking options and Live Update to flash the latest BIOS real time.

UV Sensitive "Glow In The Dark" Slots and Round Cables
Echoing the trend in case modding among PC enthusiasts, DFI's LANParty series features UV sensitive on-board slots and sockets, and bundles additional UV sensitive round cables to complete the assembly. With proper cold cathode light tubes inside the chassis, DFI LANParty motherboards offer unique glow in the dark effect to draw attention at LAN parties and create an instant appeal to the next generation computer enthusiasts.

RAID 1.5
Combining the best of both worlds, DFI's proprietary RAID 1.5 integrates RAID 0 (striping) and RAID 1 (mirroring) and delivers unmatched results with the use of only 2 hard drives. Traditional RAID 0+1 requires a minimum of 4 hard drives to take advantage of striping and raiding at the same time. The new and patented RAID 1.5 offers performance gains and data security without
compromising accessibility, creating a cost effective architecture for
true gamers.

Dual LAN
With the LAN party gamers in mind, DFI's LANParty series is the first to implement dual Ethernet LAN on one motherboard. Dual Ethernet ports can improve network reliability, while at the same time allowing you to be on two networks simultaneously. Additional network ports can give you the added security and flexibility to game on your external network while simultaneously sharing resources with other computers on your internal network.

With a modular design that fits conveniently into a 5.25" drive bay, LANParty's FrontX extends the PC's rear USB, Firewire, MIC, or speaker ports to the front using custom designed extension cables. With unlimited expansion possibilities, this versatile front panel provides LAN gamers convenience and customization wherever they game.

PC Transpo
Making transporting heavy PCs easier, DFI's LANParty series is bundled with a full ATX sized PC harness and a gear bag that accommodates a keyboard and a mouse. Incorporating an ergonomic design and sturdy construction, the series offers an ultimate solution for gamers who travel from tournament to tournament.

EZ On / EZ Touch
Custom designed on-board power-on and reset buttons, DFI's innovative design is perfect for overclockers and hardware enthusiasts who tweak the motherboard to optimize performance. Catering to even the most discerning hardcore gamers, this unique features offers the convenience and the tools needed to get the most fun out of a performance motherboard.

The LANParty series of motherboards are currently available through DFI's authorized distributors, e-tailers, and retailers.