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SiS announces SiS748 for AMD AthlonTM XP processor 3200+

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Taipei, May 13, 2003 --- Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, today announces the advanced support for AMD AthlonTM XP processor 3200+ with 400 front side bus.

AMD Athlon XP processor 3200+, is the high-performance desktop PC processor that outperforms competing desktop PC processors on a variety of industry standard software benchmarks.

In response to the growing market demand for AMD Athlon processors, SiS748 that unveiled at CeBIT 2003 moves into mass production. As the first core logic chipset on the market that supports AMD Athlon XP processor 3200+ with 400 front side bus, SiS748 has integrated the DDR400 memory controller to extensively expand the bandwidth for data transmission and synchronize the computation of front side bus and memory. Moreover, SiS introduces the revolutionary HyperStreamingTM— intelligent data processing technology— to enhance functionality by efficiently allocating resources according to data processing needs. The data transmission cab be processed either synchronously or by batch to fully exploit the incomparable power of the AMD Athlon XP processor 3200+.

"The AMD Athlon XP processor 3200+ is a testament to the ultimate potential and stability of AMD processors. After SiS748, SiS will introduce more quality high-level products and provide more competitive portfolios to customers and consumers to demonstrate SiS’ commitment in developing core logic chipsets for AMD processors," said Michael Chen, president and CEO of SiS.

"The AMD Athlon XP processor 3200+ and SiS core logic chipset will provide our customers with increased data throughput resulting in better system and application performance," said Tim Wright, AMD’s director of desktop business segment. "Systems based on AMD Athlon XP 3200+ and SiS core logic chipset are designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding gaming, digital content creation or digital video customers."

About SiS748
SiS748 logic chipset supports the AMD Athlon XP processor 3200+ with 400 front side bus, integrated high-performance DDR400 memory controller, AGP8X interface, MuTIOLR 1G and HyperStreaming? functions. It is a unique logic chipset equipped with all these 5 top-lined features. The exclusive function of MuTIOLR 1G technology will be best demonstrated when combining SiS748 to SiS963L south bridge chip. This combination provides faster and smoother communication links between north and south bridge chips at 1GB/sec when running at 533MHz on 16-bit two-way data bus. SiS963L is also integrated with USB 2.0/1.1 controller, ATA133/100/66 standard dual IDE channels, 5.1 channel audio, V.90 modem and Ethernet function to provide perfect high-speed transfer interface for users.

About Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS)
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of leading-edge logic products, including core logic, multimedia, connectivity, and information appliance. The company was founded in 1987 in the Hsin-Chu Science-based Industrial Park in Taiwan and has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE2363) since August 1997. SiS combines professional chip design with advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies. For more information, please visit