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Power your PC with Hyper-Threading Technology --NB77-H with total solution

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After successfully launching NB78 Series motherboards, DFI announces another NB77-H series supporting Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology at speed 3.06GHz and higher. HT Technology provides multi-threading and multi-tasking operations to increase the system effectiveness.

NB77-H series are powered with Intel 845GE chipset supporting system bus at 533 and 400 MHz. Two pieces of 184-pin DIMM socket support DDR 333 at maximum of 2GB system memory and backward support for DDR266 and DDR200.

Integrating 266MHz Intel® extreme Graphics, NB77-H series provide total solution for users. One AGP slot supports 1.5V AGP 4X graphics cards which provides users alternative selection to plug ADD card for enhancing the graphic performance. Users can also plug AGP card in this slot. NB77-H not only supports AGP 4X but also works brilliantly with AGP 8X cards. We recommend you using DFI newly launched AGP card solution to enjoy the price-performance benefit. 6 PCI slots provide users the maximum expansion capability.

On-board AC97 is the elementary feature on DFI motherboards. NB77-H series also provide S/PDIF out for those who pay close attention to audio quality. User can select S/PDIF out kit as option.

Totally six USB 2.0 ports, 2 on-board ports and 4 external connectors, provide maximum data transfer rate at 480Mb which is 40 times faster than USB 1.1. The system provides auto detection ability of USB 2.0 or 1.1 and will be compatible to either one

We also provide optional LAN on NB77-HL for your choice

The overdriving ability of NB77-H deserves commendation:

l CPU core voltage: The default core voltage is 1.5 Volts. It provides the space between +5% and -10% for flexible adjustment.

l DDR Voltage: The default voltage is 2.6Volts. User can over voltage to 2.7V, 2.8V and 2.9V.

l AGP Voltage: The default voltage is 1.5Volts. User can over voltage to 1.6V, 1.7V and 1.8V.

l CPU System Bus: NB77-H series provide linear over clocking. User can adjust the frequency by every 1MHz.

We recommend users aligning the system at default setting to guarantee the best stability and reliability of motherboard as well as peripherals. If overdriving is required, a good power supply with sufficient output voltage will be required. Please also make sure that the purchased CPU is capable of overclocking.

DFI has been providing price-performance solutions as well as quality service for customers. DFI products will always be your prior choice.

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