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DFI Creates a New Vitality for Pentium 4 – NT70

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DFI creates a new vitality for Pentium 4 - NT70.

While launching its 845-chipset motherboard supporting Socket 478 Pentium 4 processor, DFI also continues the product design for the Intel 850 chipset supporting dual channel Rambus memory architecture. After the WT70 motherboard supporting Intel 850 Socket 423 Pentium 4 of the first stage, it launches the NT70 motherboard for Socket 478 at this time.

The NT70 motherboard supports Pentium 4 up to 2GHz+. With various specifications of system performance, this new product is a combination of cutting-edge functions.

Brand new product - DFI NT70 motherboard

DFI provides many products of the NT70 series. Consumers can choose products according to their needs. For example, built-in network, sound chip or IDE/RAID can facilitate the whole performance of the motherboard.

The standard specification of the NT70 series is standard ATX motherboard with 4 built-in 184pin RDRAM DIMM (RIMM) sockets. The maximum capacity is 2GB. Other expansion sockets for users’ expanding needs are: 5 PCI slots, 1 AGP 4x slot, 1 CNR slot, ATA/100 IDE transmission interface and 4 USB ports.

Built-in IDE/RAID chip to increase the system performance

DFI provides 2 standard ATA/100 interfaces with Intel ICH2 South Bridge Chip. Furthermore, the NT70 Motherboard provides one IDE/RAID disk control chip for RAID 0 and RAID 1 disk transmission/array technology needed by professional servers/workstations.

RAID 0 (Striping) has the highest performance among the RAID class It can offer faster efficiency of data access which can greatly improve the system performance. RAID 1 is for Data Backup Mirroring or Data Security. It enables error correction (or error tolerance) of system data. It enables the function of fault/error tolerance.

Easy to equip with high-level network and sound cards

For the popularity of Internet, NT70 Motherboard has the hottest built-in Intel 82562ET Ethernet chip with high performance. The automatic detection function of 10/100Mbps LAN can automatically detect the highest speed provided by a hub and provides you the fastest service. You can enjoy the network appliances of the high-speed wideband, such as wideband Internet sharing, file/printer sharing and multiplayer on-line games.

In addition to the above considerate deployments such as RAID and LAN, NT70 also has an essential sound chip. The multi-specification NT70 Motherboard can help customers to save a lot of money!

The extreme multimedia performance

The NT70 Motherboard of 850 chipset is equipped with Rambus memory architecture. The bandwidth of this memory is about 3 times of a normal PC133 SDRAM. The chipset has a greatly improved performance in normal applications, audio and video multimedia software or 3D games. Users would be very satisfied and pleased when they operate it.

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