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TYAN Launches AMD EPYC™ Processor-Based Server Platform to Deliver All-Flash NVMe Storage Solution

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Featuring 2U 24 All-Flash NVMe Storage Server and NVMe-Focused Motherboard 

AUSTIN, Texas — June 21, 2017 —TYAN, an industry-leading server platform design manufacturer and subsidiary of MITAC Computing Technology Corporation, today introduced new AMD EPYC™ processor-based server solutions featuring large memory capacity and NVMe connectivity for high performance storage applications.    

The AMD EPYC processor-based, 2U single-socket TN70A-B8026 server and single-socket S8026 server motherboard are designed for all-flash, high performance storage applications. The TN70A-B8026 supports 16 DDR4 DIMM slots, 24 hot-swap NVMe U.2 drives and 2 NVMe M.2 drives; the S8026 supports 8 OCuLink™ 8x (for NVMe U.2 drive connections), 2 NVMe M.2 and 2 SATA 6G connectors in EATX form factor. TYAN’s EPYC storage server platform and motherboard leverages the features of EPYC processor to provide a large number of direct-connected NVMe SSDs in a dense form factor without the use of PCIe switches.

“AMD EPYC processors are based on the 14nm “Zen” x86 core architecture with 32 cores and 64 threads, featuring 8 memory channels and up to16 DIMMs per socket. The new powerful processor allows TYAN to offer the optimal balance of computing, memory and I/O for our customers,” said Danny Hsu, Vice President of MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation's TYAN Business Unit. “By adopting the latest AMD EPYC processor technology, TYAN brings high memory channel bandwidth and PCI Express high speed I/O connectivity features to enterprises and datacenters.”

“The EPYC CPU is optimized to offer unprecedented levels of performance, bandwidth and connectivity for server platforms. TYAN maximizes the EPYC processor’s value in a 2U single-socket system to deliver high memory bandwidth, high I/O throughput, and high I/O & storage connectivity, and the performance normally seen in a dual-socket platform,” said Scott Aylor, CVP and GM, AMD Enterprise Solutions. “Our collaboration with TYAN not only enables customers to enjoy dual-socket capability with single-socket economics, but also drives the innovation to better address the needs of existing and emerging datacenter workloads.” 

TYAN’s EPYC-based solutions:

-       TN70A-B8026: 2U single-socket EPYC processor-based platform supports 16 DDR4 DIMM slots with 8 memory channels, 24 2.5” hot-swap NVMe U.2 and 2 NVMe M.2 drives. In addition to onboard 2 GbE connections, the OCP v2.0 LAN mezzanine slot supports a wide range of high-speed networking technology options including EDR InfiniBand and 100Gb Ethernet.

-       S8026: Single-socket EPYC processor-based server motherboard in EATX (12” x 13”) form factor supports 16 DDR4 DIMM slot with 8 memory channels, 8 OCuLink™ 8x (for NVMe U.2 drive connections), 2 NVMe M.2 and 2 SATA 6G connectors. Through proper BIOS setting, the specific pair of OCuLink 8x connectors can be re-configured to support up to 16 SATA 6G drives, which makes the motherboard provides up to 18 native SATA 6G connections.

About TYAN

TYAN, as a leading server brand of Mitac Computing Technology Corporation under the MiTAC Group (TSE:3706), designs, manufactures and markets advanced x86 and x86-64 server/workstation board technology, platforms and server solution products. Its products are sold to OEMs, VARs, System Integrators and Resellers worldwide for a wide range of applications. TYAN enables its customers to be technology leaders by providing scalable, highly-integrated, and reliable products for a wide range of applications such as server appliances and solutions for high-performance computing and server/workstation used in markets such as CAD, DCC, E&P and HPC. For more information, visit MiTAC’s website at or TYAN’s website at