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XMG ULTIMATE Series now equipped with Intel Skylake Desktop Processors

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Schenker Technologies present their newest XMG ULTIMATE Series laptops, featuring Intel Skylake Desktop CPUs. These freshly released gaming notebooks offer a variety of new ports, NVMe controlled SSDs and a G-SYNC equipped internal display. Best of all, the XMG U716, features the freshly released NVIDIA GTX 980 graphics card that offers almost twice the performance of the up until now most powerful laptop graphics card. 

Reigate, 15th October 2015: Schenker Technologies updates its Ultimate Series laptops by implementing the latest technologies. The utilisation of the new Intel Z170 chipset provides support for Intel Skylake desktop processors as well as up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM. Customers can choose between Intel i5 and i7 processors, including the i7-6700K and thanks to the free multiplier it can easily be overclocked. All of the XMG Ultimate laptops are equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology providing the most fluent of all gaming experiences by removing screen tearing. The Ultimate Series for the first time also includes PCI-express connected, NVMe compatible SSDs. A Raid-0 Setup of the two NVMe SSDs allows users to reach extreme reading speeds in excess of 3GB/second. External drives can be connected to the USB 3.1 type C port in order to reach a potential speed of 10GB/sec. The USB Type-C port also fully supports Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity. Two NVIDIA graphics cards are available for the U506 and U706, the GeForce GTX 970M and 980M.

The XMG U706 is currently ranked Number 1 in the highly regarded Notebookcheck.com 2015 list of best Gaming Laptops with a score of 89%. The U506 follows up in 5th with 87%.

The new flagship – the XMG U716 Ultimate gaming notebook.

Announced for late October, the U716’s most exciting feature is the brand new NVIDIA GTX 980 graphics card. Being the latest and most powerful graphics card NVIDIA ever released for the notebook market, it is based on the full usage of the GM204 Graphic chipset.

In order to properly cool these components, the XMG U716 has been equipped with a massive cooling system with nine heat pipes that act to transport the heat away from the GPU and CPU. This enables the U716 to not only run the GTX 980 efficiently but also allows for Windows UI overclocking support. The 17.3” FHD IPS Panel supports NVIDIA G-SYNC and offers the possibility to upgrade the display to a 17.3” 4K ultra-HD Panel.

Pricing and availability

The XMG Ultimate gaming notebooks with Skylake desktop processors start at £1289 and are immediately available from www.mysn.co.uk. The XMG Ultimate U716 gaming notebook with NVIDIA GTX 980 graphics card, Intel Core i7-6700K, 16GB DDR4 RAM , SSD, HDD and Windows 10 will be available late October from approximately £2,300

About Schenker Technologies

Schenker Technologies, with its successful XMG brand, is a leading producer of high-performance and individually configurable Laptops. The devices are characterized mainly by the seamless integration of the latest and most powerful components and parts. The company was founded by Robert Schenker in Leipzig in 2002. In 2011 Schenker Notebooks merged with the specialist trade experts tronic'5 Mobile Computer GmbH. From this, a group of companies was formed in 2013, whose key component is Schenker Technologies. The manufacturer sells its products in the UK and Ireland directly through its own online store www.mysn.co.uk.