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Eurocom launches 15.6” P5 and 17.3” P7 Pro high performance, fully upgradeable laptops


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Eurocom launches the Intel Core i7-5775C Broadwell CPUs in the socket LGA1150, Intel Z97 based 15.6” P5 Pro and 17.3” P7 Pro Mobile Supercomputer laptops with 32 GB memory, 5 TB storage and upgradeable MXM 3.0b based graphics from NVIDIA GeForce, Quadro and AMD Radeon.

The EUROCOM P5 and P7 Pro laptops offer serious CPU socket scalability and upgradeability with support for 4th and 5th generation processors in the form of Intel Core i5, i7, i7 Extreme and Xeon processors. Being fully upgradeable and configurable, customers can now come to Eurocom for a variety of Enthusiast and Professional processors.

These 14nm Intel Broadwell CPUs advance power efficiency over previous offerings by specifying 65W TDPs for unlocked quad-core models (QC).

Eurocom provides an unlocked BIOS to allow customers to take full advantage of overclocking capabilities within unlocked Intel processors.

Memory is fully upgradeable and configurable with four SODIMM sockets able to support up to 32 GB of memory.

The 15.6” EUROCOM P5 Pro supports a variety of crystal clear displays from 1920x1080 FHD, to 3840x2160 4K displays to allow customers to choose the exact display for their projects. The 17.3” EUROCOM P7 Pro supports High Definition matte and glossy displays so there is no need for an external monitor.

The EUROCOM P7 Pro and P5 Pro support a full line of professional grade NVIDIA Quadro K5100M, K3100M and K1100M graphics, along with enthusiast graphics from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M, 970M, 965M and AMD Radeon R9-M290X allowing customers to get the mobile graphics processing power so they can stay productive wherever life takes them.

The P5 Pro is prewired for 3G/4G module support, through an M.2 slot, so users can have a reliable internet connection on the go.

Storage comes by way of four drive bays, two M.2. SSD slots and 2 standard drive bays for up to 5.2 TB of RAIDable storage. PCIe Solid State drives are supported for enhanced storage performance. RAID 0,1,5 and 10 are offered for maximum performance or redundancy.

About Eurocom:

Eurocom is a leading developer and innovator of long lifespan, fully upgradable notebooks, high performance mobile workstations and mobile servers since 1989. Eurocom has produced many firsts and continues to engineer solutions that inspire and enable individuals and companies to reach great possibilities. For more information on Eurocom please visit www.eurocom.com.