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AVADirect Releases AMD HD 7970M For Gaming Notebooks

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Twinsburg, OH - May 15th, 2012 - AVADirect, a leading custom computer integrator, has begun offering the AMD HD 7970 mobile graphics card for sale on their website. AVADirect is one of the first outlets to offer the AMD HD 7970M in Clevo P150EM and P170EM gaming notebook models. AVADirect has already begun taking pre-orders and plans to ship out the notebooks with dedicated AMD HD 7970M graphics cards to expecting customers within 2-3 weeks. 

As mobile graphics cards continue to shape the way gamers look at mobile solutions, such as NVIDIA's mobile GTX 670 and 675 graphics cards, AMD closely follows with the HD 7970 mobile graphics card solution. As it appears, from data previously leaked and officially released by AMD, the HD 7970 provides a considerable amount of performance over an NVIDIA GTX 580M SLI setup; this is an unbelievable increase in performance, especially with the 7970M being $120+ more expensive than a single GTX 675M. Cost to performance ratio is exactly where an enthusiast wants, and makes it easy to consider over current mobile NVIDIA solutions.

Specifications for the AMD HD 7970M can be seen below. AVADirect will update it's mobile offerings with the AMD HD 7970M as it becomes available in newly released models.


AMD HD 7970M


Wimbledon XT

Pixel Shaders


Core Speed MHz

850 MHz

Shader Speed MHz

850 MHz

Memory Speed MHz

1200 MHz

Memory Bus Width


Direct X


To purchase a notebook featuring the ATI HD 7970M click here

About AVADirect

AVADirect is a privately owned custom computer manufacturer based in Twinsburg, Ohio, (within close proximity to Cleveland) specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of personalized high performance computer systems. The systems span the spectrum from Windows or Linux manageable and highly-reliable servers, to high-end workstations and gaming systems, to business PC's, notebooks and barebones systems and parts, focused on the commitment to meet the everyday demands of the marketplace, while creating a footprint within the industry.

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