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AVADirect Now Offers Next-Generation HM77 Clevo Notebooks

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Twinsburg, Ohio - April 9th, 2012 - AVADirect, a leading system integrator known for their innovation and ability to provide genuine custom solutions, now offers Intel Next-Generation HM77 Clevo notebooks.

It's no secret that AVADirect has not had available Clevo notebooks for quite some time. It has been speculated that this was done to prepare for the release of next-generation notebooks. Up until now, there has been no information available to the public to provide any indication as to what is in store for next-generation Intel notebooks. The era for Intel's next mobile platform has come, and AVADirect is ready to head aggressively into the future with Clevo's new notebooks.

AVADirect now offers three unique next-generation Intel notebooks, which are Clevo's 15.6 P151EM or P150EM, and 17.3 P170EM. Each notebook will be based off the HM77 chipset and will feature Intel's next-generation processor, as well as NVIDIA's new 600M series graphics processing units. New features have been added to the above models, such as a backlit keyboard for both P150EM and P170EM notebooks.

All three next-generation Clevo notebooks will provide more modern features such as eSATA, display port outputs, digital optical output, and an mSATA SSD internal interface for Intel Smart Cache Response support. NVIDIA has also integrated Optimus support for all next-generation Clevo notebooks that will help end-users to save battery life when needed. You will find both NVIDIA GTX 670 and 675 (with option for SLI) mobile graphics cards offered in select next-generation Clevo notebooks to increase the value of each model. AVADirect will increasingly add options which are supported by these exciting new models as they become available.

About Us

AVADirect is a privately owned custom computer manufacturer based in Twinsburg, Ohio, (within close proximity to Cleveland) specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of personalized high performance computer systems. The systems span the spectrum from Windows or Linux manageable and highly-reliable servers, to high-end workstations and gaming systems, to business PC's, notebooks and barebones systems and parts, focused on the commitment to meet the everyday demands of the marketplace, while creating a footprint within the industry.

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