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HWBOT and CyberMedia Bring Overclocking to the Mainstream at COMPUTEX 2016

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HWBOT World Tour 2016 Asia Brings Mainstream Exposure of Overclocking to Mainstream Media and Industry Partners

June 8th, 2016, Taipei, Taiwan - HWBOT, an organization regulating international Overclocking competitions and rankings together with its industry partner CyberMedia announces the successful conclusion of the HWBOT World Tour 2016 Asia event that took place at COMPUTEX 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. The event brought exposure of extreme and amateur Overclocking to COMPUTEX visitors, including industry partners and mainstream technology media. 

“The World Tour event at COMPUTEX 2016 was an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of Overclocking at all levels,” commented Pieter-Jan Plaisier, Director at HWBOT. “We are exceptionally happy with the response received from industry and media partners who increasingly recognize the valuable role that overclocking plays within the industry.”

“It was great to see that the event appealed to so many visitors of COMPUTEX, we have had some great feedback from media worldwide” commented Fanny Chang, Managing Director at CyberMedia.  “We hope to bring many more interesting events like this to every COMPUTEX”. 

HWBOT World Series Asia Contest 

The highlight of the HWBOT World Tour 2016 Asia event was the inclusion of an Extreme Overclocking contest were twenty six of the globes leading Overclockers gathered to compete for cash prizes on Intel’s latest Extreme Edition processors. Each day Overclockers used liquid nitrogen to push the Intel processors to the absolute limit, with 1v1 Face Off rounds at the end of each day to decide who would appear in the Semi-Finals and Final.

At the end of a week of extreme overclocking the contest came down to a single, thirty minute head to head contest between two of the world’s most respected Overclockers with Indonesia’s Hazzan facing Poland’s Xtreme Addict in a bid to win $1,000 US dollars in cash and a ticket to the HWBOT World Championship in Berlin later this year. At the end of an enthralling 1v1 contest Xtreme Addict was declared the HWBOT World Series Asia champion.

You can read more about the Final contest here: 

You can also re-live the contest by watching this video courtesy of OverClocking-TV:

HWBOT Overclocking Workshops

The HWBOT World Tour is also about introducing the sport of Overclocking to a broader, more mainstream audience. All HWBOT World Tour events include overclocking workshops were complete newcomers can get a taste of overclocking for the very first time. OC Workshop attendees are first treated to a short tutorial from a seasoned Overclocker, followed by the chance to overclock a water-cooled system themselves, using the Intel XTU benchmark. Dozens of attendees at COMPUTEX 2016 attended OC Workshops and had great fun pushing the latest Intel Extreme Edition processors.

HWBOT World Series for Amateurs

Overclocking workshops also act as a qualification round with workshop attendees invited to submit their best score of the day on the HWBOT World Series for Amateurs contest on OC-ESPORTS. After four days of amateur overclocking in the OC Workshops, HWBOT invited the top four scorers to return on Saturday for the Semi-Finals were these newly blooded overclockers competed for prizes.

At the end of the World Series for Amateurs final, the winner was Lantzeyin who narrowly defeated Jimmy Lin to be crowned the HWBOT World Series for Amateurs Champion.

Read more about the HWBOT World Series for Amateurs here:

Watch the entire Amateur final here on OverClocking-TV:

HWBOT Partner Product Announcements

The HWBOT World Tour 2016 Asia event could not have taken place without the support of event partners ZADAK511, Intel, AOC, Seasonic and Streacom. The event was also a great platform for our valued partners to introduce new products to the overclocking and enthusiast PC community.

Launching for the first time, high-end SSD and memory vendor ZADAK511 took the Overclocking world by storm, bringing their latest SHIELD RGB LED series SSDs and DDR4 memory modules at the HWBOT event. All DDR4 memory used by both extreme and amateur Overclockers at the event were generously donated by ZADAK511. 

As a testament to the high-performance capability of ZADAK511 DDR4 products the event saw a record breaking frequency submitted by Swiss Overclocker racoon who pushed a ZADAK511 DDR4 memory kit to 2,525.9MHz. Read more here:

The HWBOT World Tour 2016 Asia event was also blessed with the first public appearance of the latest Intel Extreme Edition processors. Based on the new Broadwell-E architecture, the flagship Intel Core i7 6960X processors were used in all extreme and amateur contests during the event.

HWBOT World Tour event sponsor AOC also presented their latest AGON monitors which offer experience-enhancing features like 144hz refresh rate, built-in speakers, 1ms response times and curved displays. AGON generously provided all the monitors used during the HWBOT World Tour event.  Seasonic also demonstrated their latest Platinum Edition power supplies which were used during the World Series contest. 

Facebook Photo Album

Here is a photo album hosted on the HWBOT Facebook page that contains photos of all the action from the HWBOT World Series 2016 Asia event:


Since its inception in 2005, HWBOT has grown to become the world's leading platform for competitive overclocking. Founded in Belgium, HWBOT serves a growing and dynamic community of over 100,000 overclockers and welcomes 1.25 million visitors per year with a staff of 22 people.  HWBOT provides a dynamic platform for overclocking that include the competition platform, the World Tour events, the Overclockers League and the HWBOT historical database. We are partnered with leading players in the PC hardware industry including ASUS, GIGABYTE, G.SKILL, Intel, Kingston HyperX, and MSI and others.  For any questions regarding the HWBOT World Tour 2016, HWBOT or Overclocking in general, please contact us at:

About CyberMedia

Founded in 2005, CyberMedia is an international PR and communications agency specializing in the tech industry. With its Headquarter based in Taiwan, CyberMedia provides full PR and marketing services, producing effective and creative solutions for brands expanding into international markets. CyberMedia's primary area of focus are on consumer electronics, gaming, enterprise hardware and IT services. CyberMedia also acts as a media representative for many international tech publications and has the experience and capabilities to organize various international events. For information about our clients or services, please visit: