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Re-Invent > Roundcable2-FX

Tags: Quiet PC

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April 2005 - It's back to the basics time - roundcables. AC Ryan re-invents the roundcable by cross-breeding the roundcable with the good ol' flat kind. The result is AC Ryan's Roundcable2-FX (FlatXtension).

Remember the first home-made roundcable ever? Since then, roundcable has been in almost every mod. Great for airflow, and even greater for mods. Without roundcables, all our beautiful mods will be hidden those flatcables! But as cables get shorter; as the perfect-fit custom look gets more 'in'; as mini PCs starts growing on you;... that extra-length of roundcable that loops out between the 1st and 2nd drive starts looking out of place.

With the cross-bred Roundcable2-FX, we've got the best of both worlds!!

Roundcable for best airflow. From the motherboard to the 1st drive, roundcable is great for going the distance - no clutter, better airflow, neater looks.

FlatXtension for best cable management from 1st drive to 2nd drive. For that short trip from the 1st drive to 2nd drive, FlatXtension is the best way to go - no twisting, no extra loops - just straighforward flat, flushed cable.

With the growing number of drives (double optical drives or double harddrive) and the growing professionality of modding, Roundcable2-FX (FlatXtension) is the way to go for modders - that highly professional and custom-fitted finishing touch.

Supporting the release of Roundcable2-FX is a series of mini-Roundcables - 15cm (6inch) and 30cm (12inch) 1 device roundcables. These new lengths of AC Ryan roundcables are an update to meet modders' demand for custom fit cabling as well as growing mini PC modding. Together, the Roundcable2-FX and mini-Roundcables give the AC Ryan modders the power to custom-fit cabling for professional modding.

The Roundcable2-FX kicks off AC Ryan's Re-Invent phase. Look out for more Re-Invent releases where classic and familiar modding stuff are given the AC Ryan's simple & creative twist of Re-Invent!