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Winners announced for AMD Design Award 2021!


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AMD has announced the winners for the new AMD Design Award 2021 for modern artists. 


The company behind market-leading technologies Threadripper PRO and Threadripper CPUs challenged content creators to design their version of an “Upgraded Evolution”.


The seven winners created 2D and 3D designs which spanned three different categories including environment, keyframe and character design. The winners were chosen by a judging panel of prominent concept artists and AMD team members, including Thomas Chamberlain (UK), Thomas Istepanyan (France) and Andrey Surnov (Russia), as well as a public vote. This year’s winners include:


  • 2D Environment Design: The Solar Fields by Edward Barons, UK
    • “Great designs and worldbuilding. It feels really believable thanks to the demonstrations of its functionality.” – Judge Thomas Chamberlain
  • 2D Character Design: Hybrids by Sergey Kykhylov, Russia
    • “Incredible work. Really interesting to see how 3D was integrated and ultimately enhanced by the painted finish.” – Judge Thomas Chamberlain
  • 2D Keyframe Design: Rusted titan by Andrii Snitsar, Ukraine
    • “Fantastic composition that makes excellent use of foreground objects to pull us into the scene. The colours are vibrant and very appealing whilst the characters keep the scale clear and impressive throughout.” – judge Thomas Chamberlain
    • “Really interesting dynamics and shapes! The global illustration is really powerful and give a really good story line. I like the colours and the light (gives a lot of life to this illustration). In general the work is clean and make a good illustration. Congrats to this one.” – Judge Thomas Istepanyan
  • 3D Environment Design: Charging Point by Bogodar Havrylyuk, Ukraine
  • 3D Character Design: Grashopper Scout Bot by Arseniy Vinogradov, Russi

    • “The scout bot overall has excellent proportions. The familiar natural shape has been expertly modified and augmented. I particularly enjoy the shape of the head and the midsection with strategic layout of detailed cybernetic elements. The hero shot conveys the scale of the bot really well, while adding a dramatic lighting that highlights all the right details.” – Judge Igor Sobolevsky
  • 3D Keyframe Design: Rebel Pacifist AI by Alberto Petronio, UK''

    • “This is an awesome piece. What really stuck me is the considerable amount of detail and great hero shots. Great technical skill is displayed here when it comes to modelling, rigging and lighting. Love the dynamic and dramatic keyframe images.” – Judge Igor Sobolevsky
  • Public Vote: Samurai of the future by Kaisar Salykov, Russia


In the end, the awards reached over 12M people. Over 700 voters also took part in the public vote. All works were judged on their composition, colour, idea, technique and attention to detail, with submissions having to show top quality artistic and technical skills, as well as telling a compelling story and producing a strong, emotional response. The final winners were determined by calculating the average of scores received by all the judges.


The winners take home a selection of prizes, including an AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 3975WX processors, an AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 3970X processor and gift cards worth 2000 EUR with a selected retailer.


The Design Award is the latest in AMD’s efforts to redefine creative and design professionals’ expectations for high-performance workstation-calibre computing. Applications of Threadripper™ products have ranged from visual effects artists making movies, to game developers creating AAA titles, to astrophysicists exploring the origins of the universe. With this contest AMD’s mission is to accelerate the development of the art community, providing creators with next-generation computing experiences that encourage them to freely express themselves and produce high-quality and innovative content.


To find out more about the winning designs and the other submissions, please see here.