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AMD Fighting Covid-19 With Five Petaflops Of Supercomputer


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Today, AMD announced the expansion of donations to assist 18 additional institutions in their fight against COVID-19. High performance 2nd Gen AMD EPYC CPUs and Radeon Instinct GPUs will be contributed to power focused research programs at the University of Cambridge, GENCI / French National High-Performance Computing Agency, High Performance Computing Center (HLRS) at the University of Stuttgart and more institutions across Europe, the US and India.

With the previous donations made to NYU, MIT and Rice University, the 12 petaflops of total supercomputing power from the AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund would land among the most powerful supercomputers in the world according to the most recent TOP500 list.

The pandemic-related workloads will focus primarily on genomics, vaccine development, transmission science and modeling. The projects will range from evolutionary modeling of the virus and understanding the virus spike protein activation that occurs prior to first interaction between the coronavirus and human cell, to large scale fluid dynamics simulations of COVID-19 droplets as they travel through the air.