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TEAMGROUP’s Charm in Gaming Dominates the COMPUTEX 2018

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June 1, 2018, Taipei - With variety of product lines and popular new T-FORCE RGB products among global gamers, TEAMGROUP, the world’s leading memory brand will be exhibiting at Computex Taipei during June 5th – June 9th, 2018. Located at the VIP showroom of Grand Hyatt hotel, TEAMGROUP will not only be displaying new products to the world to show innovative capability in R&D but also will be displaying T-FORCE gaming memory modules, which received both 2018 German iF International Design Award and the 2017 Japan Good Design award. Once again, TEAMGROUP will show to the world the determination in creating excellence and strength of its product design capability.

T-FORCE gaming memory module won the iF Design Award. RGB series products dominate in light effects and speed

The charismatic design of the T-FORCE gaming memory module product line shines internationally. After receiving the 2017 Japan Good Design award last year, T-FORCE XTREEM high-end memory module and the multi-award-winning T-FORCE NIGHT HAWK RGB luminous memory module have both won the 2018 German iF International Design Award again this year. These award-winning products have fully captured the extraordinary capabilities of T-FORCE’s gaming memory modules. 

Following the cooperative release of T-FORCE DARK ROG, TEAMGROUP once again works with motherboard leader ASUS to releases T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance gaming memory module. Certified and strictly tested by TUF Gaming Alliance, the new product has maximum frequency of 3600MHz and unique asymmetrical cutting. The heat spreader is stenciled with the TUF military-inspired digital pattern, which is suitable for gamers who love military style design. Supported Intel XMP 2.0, T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance enables overclockers to experience high-speed sensation with only a simple setting. 

T-FORCE releases the new generation of 2.5-inch RGB solid state drive – DELTA RGB SSD. The dazzling colorful RGB solid state drive is exclusively built by TEAMGROUP’s R&D team and has already obtained utility patents in Taiwan and China. Leading the industry, DELTA RGB SSD is not only the thinnest (9.5mm) luminous solid state drive on the market, but it's 5:3 ratio luminous area is also the largest in the industry. The 16.8 million colors LED makes the normally boring SSD change to one full of possibilities as it is also the only RGB solid state drive with water flowing lighting effects. The color and light can be synchronized with the motherboard to create magnificent mixed color effects. Both the DELTA S (simple version) and DELTA (magnificent version) were released simultaneously. Moreover, there are black and white two colors available for consumers to choose from, bringing all new colorful visual effects to the solid state drive.

The long-expected T-FORCE XCALIBUR RGB memory module dominates the industry like an Arthur’s sword. The outstanding design not only adds unique totem elements on the light guide but also transforms the “TF”, which are the initial letters of T-FORCE, into an eye-catching handle of the king’s sword on the heat spreader. Two ultra-high frequencies, DDR4 3600MHz and 4000MHz are released at once and support a total capacity of 16GB (2x8GB). With selected Samsung IC chips and strict testing standards, they offer excellent quality, optimal performance, stability, and compatibility. Enthusiastic gamers who love building their own PC can be fully satisfied. At the same time, they fully display the solid strength and charm of T-FORCE product series in the global gaming market.

T-FORCE releases VULCAN SO-DIMM, the first DDR4 memory module specially made for gaming laptops and NUC (Next Unit of Computing). The clock frequency is as high as the maximum performance of DDR4 3600MHz and the capacity of the memory module is up to 32GB (16GBx2). The lightweight and thin graphene copper foil heat spreader can offer outstanding heat disbursement. In a closed space, VULCAN SO-DIMM is capable to transfer heat out efficiently to ensure the computer can still offer high performance with speed and stability under high-speed operation. 

T-FORCE SABLE L & XL are professional large-size gaming mouse pads that are made of CORDURA® fabric. The sizes are 450 x 400 x 3mm and 900x400 x 3mm respectively. The special fabric of CORDURA® is recognized by many global brands, retailers and armies as their top choice when it comes to wear-resistant and multipurpose material. The fabric is made of high-strength fiber technology, which makes it very durable. The surface structure is specially weaved and arranged to form a tightly aligned and consistent texture. It offers accurate control for both optical and laser mouse. The special surface coating is perfect for a mouse’s high-speed movement while offering pinpoint accuracy that gamers need for an intensive gaming experience.

Compact and stable, M.2 SSD offers an extremely high-speed experience 

MP32 solid state drive supports PCIe Gen3 x2 high-speed interface and the latest NVMe specification. Its outstanding performance of sequential read/write speed up to 1500/800 MB/s makes it capable of reducing operating delays of the OS/game or other software. It delivers the finest and smoothest gaming experience and an extremely high-speed performance without any lag even when reading/writing large amounts of game data, complex 3D graphics and motion processing algorithms with fancy special effects or loading heavy duty video/graphics editing software.

MS30 is a M.2 high-speed solid state drive with the latest SATA III 6Gb/s transfer interface which offers excellent transfer efficiency and compatibility. For different environment usage, MS30 comes in two sizes, 22X80mm and 22X42mm with capacity at 1TB. That means it is capable of satisfying all kinds of specification requirements for motherboards, laptops, and mobile devices and of developing embedded devices.

Building the aesthetic of a smart digital storage product that emphasizes on both functionality and design

Dash Card is a memory card which is specifically designed for dashboard cameras and video surveillance. With UHS-I U1(Class10) specification, it allows dashboard camera to record Full HD 1080p (30fps) high quality video without any lags, so driving images or crucial moments can be recorded clearly. In addition, it has passed compatibility verifications with many major dashboard cameras on the market. It was also tested respectively for functions such as video record, picture taking, etc. With the high compatibility, it can provide long-term and stable storage performance. 

T183 Tool USB drive which just received the COMPUTEX d&i awards 2018 emphasizes both aesthetic design and practical function. In addition to its storage function, the USB drive can also be used as a bottle opener, ruler, pocket knife, keychain, etc. The low-profile, fashionable metallic-feel body is designed with aesthetic concepts of new technology. T183 has a special anti-rust, anti-corrosion coating design. It is also waterproof and dustproof; therefore, corruption or loss of precious data caused by external forces during the operation can be avoided.

T181 Sports USB drive has a design that combines vivid colors with sports elements representing the world’s warm expectation for football games and symbolizing the toughness of football sport. Thoughtfully considering the way users use it, both sides of T181 Sports USB drive is designed with special anti-slip function, so users can grab the body of the USB drive easily when plugging it in or pulling it out. T181 Sports USB drive has the sense of fashion design and practicality at the same time. 

Creating a more convenient digital life by starting to experience PD fast charging

There are more and more mobile devices on the market that support fast charging. To bring a more efficient lifestyle to the consumers, TEAMGROUP releases WD03 travel charger that supports fast charging. It is a 2-port portable travel charger and supports charging 2 devices at the same time. The USB-A port supports DC 5V/2.4A as maximum current output. The USB-C port supports Power Delivery fast charging technology. Currently, there are many devices that support PD fast charging, including the l iPhone 8 / X, MacBook / PRO, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, etc. Consumers can use WD03 to accelerate the charging speed by 2.5 times. WD03 offers higher charging speed than QC fast charging and compatible with QC fast charging technology. All of the user’s devices can have the greatest compatibility and enjoy the ultra-high efficiency charging experience.

Computex TAIPEI 2018 –TEAMGROUP showroom information

VIP showroom 

Date: Tuesday, June 5th – Friday, June 8th. 2018

Location: Grand Hyatt Taipei (2, SongShou Road, Xinyi District Taipei)

Showroom number: 2523

Learn More www.teamgroupinc.com


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