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Enlighten your life with i-ChiLLite

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Enlighten yourself with 'i-ChiLLite'

Hong Kong 13th July 2007 – InnoVISION® Multimedia Limited are excited to announce i-ChiLLite built for gamers who want quality and affordability for extreme gaming. It is created from the very successful i-ChiLL range that was launched in the beginning of this year. I-Chill become an over night success which achieved strong recognition for top quality features that won numerous awards from PC’s top reviewer websites from across the world.

The Inno3D® “i-ChiLLite” range features overclocking power for extreme gaming and cutting-edge cooling designs manufactured by the best thermal cooling leaders in the industry. i-ChiLLite includes all the ‘must have’ features that is required for hours of seamless game-play and without all the ‘extra gimmicks’ to break your budget.

The i-ChiLLite series offers 2 years warranty and built with standard aluminium TV out & DVI connector and components. It is also assembled with a top aluminium silver plate which reinforces the PCB to prevent distortion and to penetrate heat from the PCB. This is an additional feature to support lowering temperatures for hardcore gaming.