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Stay Cool with i-Chill 8 Series Zalman VF700

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Press Release

Hong Kong 29th June, 2007 – InnoVISION Multimedia Limited announce the i-Chill GeForce 8 series featuring the Zalman VF700 fan. Assembled with a strong and highly recognized cooling fan in the market, the Zalman VF700 can achieve even greater visualization and realism when reaching its fullest overclocking power for the i-Chill series 8 series. It also supports DirectX10, allowing for more flexible and smoother graphics for the latest games in the market.

The Zalman VF700 is designed with numerous aluminium and copper fins to boost greater heat release from the card. The centre copper base efficiently absorbs heat from the GPU and the out blowing air causes a cooling effect to the components.

On test, were two i-Chill 8 Series cards - one equipped with the Zalman VF700 cooling fan and one with a reference cooling fan. Both cards were tested under the same three conditions – room, idle and full load to see how they varied. Results showed that the i-Chill Zalman VF700 performs at a significantly lower temperature than of the reference card. This is achieved due to the advanced cooling techniques designed with the Zalman VF700.

The i-Chill 8 series is now equipped with Zalman VF700 that is made from pure copper base material and aluminium fins to ensure excellent heat dissipation. For smooth seamless gaming and home theater entertainment, the i-Chill 8 series is built and ready for Windows Vista.
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