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MSI to Dominate the COMPUTEX TAIPEI Show Floor


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Featuring a mesmerizing lineup of pioneering products, intriguing online exhibition and live demonstration of Eye-Tracking Technology and Nahimic Sound Technology

[Taipei, Taiwan] COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Asia’s largest ICT trade show, begins on Tuesday, June 2 and runs through Saturday, June 6. COMPUTEX TAIPEI is undoubtedly the place to connect with large tech companies and hear about their latest tech and gadgets. This year, the 35th COMPUTEX TAIPEI will be once again fueled by new technology and trends, with its hall floors being home to over 1,700 exhibitors and 5,000 booths and showcasing the latest innovations, technologies and equipment. MSI, world’s leading gaming brand, will roll into COMPUTEX with a diverse, award-winning product lineup of laptops, AIO PCs, motherboards, graphics cards, servers, etc. “MSI has always strived for innovation, design and efficiency,” says Eric Kuo, MSI Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing. “At this year's COMPUTEX TAIPEI, we will present our latest innovations and immerse visitors into a variety of digital and gaming experiences.”

Pioneering products and cutting-edge technology on display

World-renowned vendor of gaming hardware, MSI has on display its highly-acclaimed GAMING series laptops fueled by the upcoming 5th generation Intel® Core i7 processors, Tobii Eye-Tracking Technology, KillerTM Wireless-AC 1535 with new ExtremeRangeTM Technology, Nahimic Sound Technology, NVIDIA® G-SYNC, SLI extreme graphics, etc. Workstations with K5100M/4100M extreme Quadro graphics and the latest P series laptops featuring True Color technology are something to behold as well.

Also on the show list are MSI Nightblade MI gaming barebone; AG270 3K, Gaming 24GE and Gaming 24GE 4K GAMING series AIOs; Pro 24 2M from the latest Pro Series AIOs; along with Cubi energy efficient Mini-PC. The Nightblade MI employs Intel® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce 900-series graphics card, packing powerful components in a compact design. The GAMING series AIOs are loaded with a rich array of gaming features, specifically developed to deliver the best experience when playing games. The Pro 24 2M features Intel® Core i5 quad-core processor and an optical multi touch, wide viewing angle panel for the best view from any angle. Featuring a wide range of Intel® processors and expandability, Cubi is the essence of small, smart computing.

In terms of motherboards, MSI introduces a variety of Intel® X99/Z97 GAMING, Overclocking and Classic motherboards for gamers, overclockers, PC enthusiasts and professionals, taking custom built motherboards to the next level. COMPUTEX 2015 Best Choice Golden Award winner X99A GAMING 9 ACK and Best Choice Award winner X99A XPOWER AC are highlights of the motherboard lineup and will also be showcased at the Best Choice Award Pavilion (Area I, 1st Floor, Nangang Exhibition Hall) throughout the event. Equally eye-catching are MSI GAMING series graphics cards that highlight an arsenal of powerful and gamer-specific features to meet gamers’ needs while playing graphically demanding games.

Online exhibition made awesome with Responsive Web Design

The actual show booth aside, MSI also provides COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 Online Exhibition featuring an overview of MSI’s show topics for viewing anytime and anywhere. The whole new Responsive Web Design helps create websites that look good on all devices. Visitors will have an optimal viewing experience across a variety of devices and can enjoy our exhibition in efficient and engaging ways. Come and see the MSI COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 Online Exhibition. The awesome stuff is just a few clicks away!

A glimpse of MSI’s product highlights at COMPUTEX 2015

GT72, Powerful Machine and World’s First to Feature Eye-Tracking Technology and NVIDIA G-SYNC

MSI partners with Tobii Tech, the global leader in eye-tracking technology, to integrate eye-tracking function into the GT72 gaming laptop. With this technology, the GT72 will offer deeper game immersion and most realistic experience available. MSI will showcase prototypes of the GT72 gaming notebook at COMPUTEX TAIPEI for visitors to experience eye-tracking technology. MSI GT72 also incorporates GTX 980M 8GB GDDR5 graphics with G-SYNC feature. G-SYNC’s revolutionary performance is achieved by synchronizing display refresh rates to the GPU in the GeForce GTX-powered system, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag. The results are instantly appearing scenes, sharper looking objects and super smooth gameplay. GT72 that packs powerful NVIDIA® G-SYNC technology will give gamers a stunning visual experience and a serious competitive edge.

GT80, the Ultimate Gaming Beast with SLI Graphics and World’s First to Pack KillerTM Wireless-AC 1535

MSI GT80 Titan features the latest Intel® Core i7 processor, NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 980M graphics and is the world’s first gaming laptop to integrate a mechanical keyboard. Joint engineering and software development between MSI and SteelSeries promise ultimate comfort for long gaming sessions while switches from mechanical switch specialist Cherry guarantee long-time reliability. With new ExtremeRange Technology on KillerTM Wireless-AC 1535, GT80 users are now free to enjoy stable wireless Internet connectivity at higher speeds and at greater distances from their access points. The GT80 is also the best SLI platform to support very smooth surround view with a maximum resolution of 5760x1080 for extreme gaming experience.

World’s 1st Global Launch of “FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0” Game with GS60 Red Edition.

Square Enix, renowned Japan gaming company and MSI’s great partner, will work with MSI to have a global launch of their latest game FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 at MSI’s COMPUTEX booth. This game will be demonstrated on MSI GS60 Red version and GS70 Silver version. Both models are lightweight laptops with fancy color design and incredible gaming power.
FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 brings an immersive world, memorable characters and the production value known of the series, together with high quality gameplay and storytelling truly worthy of the FINAL FANTASY name. Step into the fray as Class Zero, a group of students from an elite military academy whose country is attacked by an aggressive neighboring Empire. In the brutal and harrowing struggle that follows, you must engage a range of powerful magical and combat abilities using a new battle system, to conquer the Empire and uncover the secrets behind the battle.

Hear beyond the Limits, Leading-Edge Nahimic Sound Technology on GE72

MSI adopts Nahimic sound technology on its new GS60/70 and GE62/72 series notebooks. Nahimic, the powerful sound improvement technology, has been acknowledged in various different industries, including the military and the aeronautics industries where the clarity of sound is essential and vital. MSI laptops that feature Nahimic Sound Technology deliver immersive virtual sound with enhanced sound quality and precision. A live demonstration of Nahimic sound with SteelSeries gaming headsets will be available at COMPUTEX.

The Latest P Series, the Essence of Elite with True Color Technology

Inspired by fashion and high-precision instruments, the new MSI Prestige series is simple yet sophisticated - with silky silver metallic exterior design and the white light backlit keyboard in the interior. Powered by the latest 4th generation Intel® quad core processor and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 950M/960M GPU, the MSI Prestige notebooks deliver true-to-life and close to 100% sRGB image quality with MSI True Color Technology. Coupled with Matrix Display Technology and Nahimic Sound Technology, MSI Prestige notebooks are perfect for work and for fun.

Premium Performance with 14nm 5th Generation Intel® Core i7 Quad Core Mobile Processors

MSI announces that all MSI GAMING series notebooks will pack the latest 5th Generation Intel® Core i7 processors. Core i7 5700HQ, the latest processor, brings up to 7~10% performance boost than its predecessors. The 5th Generation Core i7 5700HQ comes with the latest 14nm process technology, making the CPU smaller and more power efficient.

KillerTM Wireless-AC 1535, the World’s First Network Adapter to Offer ExtremeRangeTM Technology

Thanks to new ExtremeRange Technology on KillerTM Wireless-AC 1535, gamers and performance users are now free to enjoy stable wireless Internet connectivity at higher speeds and at greater distances from their access points. MSI GT72 and GT80 notebooks all deliver world class performance and require the best possible networking solutions. The Killer™ Wireless-AC 1535 is perfect for these systems, given its cutting-edge range-extending technologies along with the critical intelligence that ensures crucial network packets are being delivered first.

All New GAMING Series AIOs, Best-in-Class Audio Solution and Amazing Graphics

MSI has successfully integrated all parts of a top performing gaming desktop and created the world’s first All-in-One PC for gaming enthusiasts. MSI launches a whole pack of new Gaming All-in-One PCs, featuring the latest Intel® Core i7 and i5 processors and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 960M and GTX 970M graphics. MSI integrated Nahimic Audio Enhancer into its newest AG270 3K and Gaming 24GE models, benefitting gaming not only with virtual surround sound, frequency leveler and bass boost, but also with noise reduction and voice leveler when gaming with a headphone.

The Gaming 24GE with GTX 960M GPU and Wide Viewing Angle technology offers staggering gameplay. The Gaming 24GE with 4K panel (3840x2160p) additionally makes for a complete PC solution for 4K video editing and encoding. The AG270 2QC 3K features a 27” panel with a 2560x1440 (3K) resolution which provides a better viewing angle than regular TN panels. This wide-view panel takes image clarity to a whole new level, displaying images more sharp and vivid compared to full HD LCD displays. The AG270 comes with an Intel® Core i7 CPU, a GTX 970M graphics card and speakers developed by Yamaha.

Nightblade MI, Powerful Performance in Compact Design

MSI new Gaming Desktop PCs are equipped with unrelenting tools of efficiency, power and cooling. Nightblade series embodies what every gamer craves for victory. The brand new MSI Nightblade MI is compact in design and packs the latest Intel® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 900-series graphics card. Along with efficient cooling solution and Nahimic Sound Technology, the Nightblade MI is ready to handle any block-buster PC games at high and ultra-settings.

Pro 24 2M, Ideal for Businesses and Individuals

MSI All-in-One PC Pro series are for Professionals and Commercial Business. MSI Pro 24 2M accommodates Intel® Core i5 quad-core processor and an optical multi touch, wide viewing angle panel that enables the best view from any angle. Plus, the webcam cover helps to protect against webcam spying while the memory upgrade design provides excellent upgradability. The Pro 24 2M is also energy saving and provides flexible mounting options, ideal for both businesses and individuals alike.

Cubi, the Essence of Small, Smart Computing

A tiny design with compatible performance, MSI Cubi is one of the latest and smallest mini-desktops, suited to serve as HTPC at home, all-round media PC in the office or commercial project PC.

MSI GAMING Graphics Cards: Cooler, Quieter, Better

MSI’s elite lineup of GAMING graphics cards is headed up by the award winning GTX 980 GAMING 4G, winner of the 23rd Taiwan Excellence Awards and finalist of the COMPUTEX 2015 Best Choice Award. The GTX 980 GAMING 4G is powered by the renowned Twin Frozr V cooler, which features a premium LED illuminated MSI GAMING Dragon that can be controlled by a new feature on the exclusive MSI Gaming App. The MSI Gaming App provides five unique animation effects and Scenamax technology to reduce strain on the user’s eyes. With unmatched performance and an impressive host of features, the latest MSI GAMING series graphics cards have redefined the ultimate GAMING experience.

Armor 2X Series, Solid Performance in a Brand New Package

Users looking for solid performance with improved cooling and top quality components will find the Armor 2X series graphics cards to be their best choice. This series features Military Class 4 Components for reliable performance, Armor 2X Thermal Design for enhanced cooling and is available in a striking new Black & White design to form a stylish addition to any system.

X99A GAMING 9 ACK, Engineered for High-Performance Gaming

Recognized for its extraordinary technical ingenuity and outstanding design, MSI X99A GAMING 9 ACK motherboard is an honoree of COMPUTEX 2015 Best Choice Golden Award and comes equipped with the evolution of the best onboard audio solution Audio Boost 2, Killer networking through LAN & WI-FI, support for Turbo M.2 32 Gb/s, USB 3.1 and SATA Express devices together with other key gaming features.

X99A XPOWER AC, the Overclocking Champion

As COMPUTEX 2015 Best Choice Award winner, the X99A XPOWER AC caters to power users and professional extreme overclockers and features Intel® Core i7 processor, Turbo M.2 32 Gb/s, USB 3.1, SATA Express devices, Military Class 4 components, enhanced thermal design and a variety of overclocking features.

World’s First Motherboard Brand with Windows 10 WHQL Support

MSI is the world’s first motherboard manufacturer to receive official Microsoft Windows 10 WHQL certification. The Z97A GAMING 6 motherboard passed Microsoft Windows 10 official certification, along with other MSI models. This means you don’t have to worry about support when upgrading to Windows 10 with MSI.

Z97A SLI Krait Edition & Z97A PC Mate Motherboards Expand USB 3.1 Family

Z97A SLI Krait Edition & Z97A PC Mate Motherboards Expand USB 3.1 Family With the new stunning black & white Z97A SLI Krait Edition and the all-round Z97A PC Mate motherboards being released, 2 new models have been welcomed to the MSI USB 3.1 motherboard line-up.

PANOCAM, Advanced 360° Viewing Angle IP Camera

PANOCAM is an advanced 360° viewing angle IP Camera with 1600x1600 resolution, local and time-lapse recording functions, and easy Data Over Voice audio pairing. Supported by Android and iOS, PANOCAM gives you boundless vision and peace of mind – wherever you are.

PANOCAM Pro, Advanced 360° Viewing Angle IP Camera with Night Vision

PANOCAM Pro is an enhanced version of PANOCAM that comes with night vision. It packs six ingenious infrared LEDs around the camera for clear nighttime viewing and night surveillance.

CUBECAM, Cube IP Camera with Night Vision

CUBECAM is a 120° viewing angle IP Camera with 1280x720 resolution, night vision, local and time-lapse recording functions. It comes with weatherproof ABS plastic enclosure and is available in five different colors.


MSI provides a variety of server, storage and security products that resonate with its slogan, IoT needs SoT. To meet various demands of different clients, MSI launches entry level Greenlow platforms and high-end Grantley platforms as server storage solutions. From Braswell, Broadwell to Haswell, MSI has a full range of security products with cutting-edge technology and thorough solutions.

MSI COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 Online Exhibition



  • Date: Tue. June 2 ~ Sat. June 6, 2015
  • Location: 4th Floor, Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall 
  • Booth: L0617 

MSI Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MSIHQFANCLUB

MSI Twitter: https://twitter.com/msitweets

MSI GAMING Products: http://gaming.msi.com

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About MSI

In the past 25 years, MSI always strived to provide products based on its core values –"Innovation" and "Style". The results are products with superior performance, trusted reliability, excellent user experience and expressive style. MSI mainboards and graphics cards are found among the top 3 in the world because of their great quality and maximum productivity. Our hard work have led us to become one of the finest brands in the industry with accumulated sales in more than 120 countries, 150 million mainboard users and 100 million graphics card users worldwide. MSI has won nearly 8,000 award recognitions from 350 media in 50 countries worldwide. MSI will continue to pioneer in the area of global consumer electronics technology with the needs of hardware enthusiasts, gamers and consumers at its core. For more information about MSI, go to www.msi.com.