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NVIDIA launches Watch_Dogs bundle

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Select GeForce GTX GPUs Now Include the Hottest Game of the Year: Watch_DogsTM

Santa Clara, CA - April 29, 2014 - Destructoid calls it one of the "most wanted games of 2014." CNET said it was "one of the most anticipated games in recent memory." MTV said it's one of the "Can't-Miss Video Games of 2014." This, all before anyone out there has even played it.

So, starting today(1), gamers who purchase select NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX® TITAN, 780 Ti, 780, 770, 760, 690, 680, 670, 660 Ti and 660 desktop GPUs can get their chance to play Watch_DogsTM, the new PC game taking the world by storm and latest masterpiece from Ubisoft®.

Described as a "polished, refined and truly next generation experience," in Watch_Dogs you play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. While seeking justice, you will monitor and hack those around you, access omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control traffic lights and public transportation to stop the enemy and more.

Featuring NVIDIA TXAA and HBAO+ technology for an interactive, immersive experience, it's clear that gamers can't wait to play Watch_Dogs, especially considering the effusive praise that the official trailer received. Launched mere weeks ago, the trailer has already been viewed more than a combined 650,000 times. For gamers, Watch_Dogs seamlessly blends a mixture of single-player and multiplayer action in a way never before seen, and Ubisoft has gone one step further in creating a unique ctOS mobile companion app for users of smartphone and tablet devices allowing for even greater access to the fun. If you haven't checked out the trailer, please check it out here: bit.ly/1gkSUM8.

The GeForce GTX and Watch_Dogs bundle is available starting today from leading e-tailers and system builders including: DabsNovatechebuyer.comOverclockers, and SCAN.

For a full list of participating partners, please visit: http://www.geforce.co.uk/GetWatchDogs.   

Watch_Dogs is only available with select NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN, 780 Ti, 780, 770, 760, 690, 680, 670, 660 Ti or 660-powered graphics cards. Please check with your local e-tailer for availability and participation.