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See SAPPHIRE at CeBIT 2014

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SAPPHIRE Technology is showing its latest products at CeBIT 2014 in the Hanover Messe, Germany, from March 10th to 14th 2014.

The main focus this year is on the latest additions to the R-Series of consumer graphics accelerators based on the successful GCN (graphics Core Next) architecture from AMD. These include affordable Mainstream models, delivering the latest features to home computing and online gamers, new introductions in the Performance series, and a preview of exciting new models in the Enthusiast segment.

New features for the Mainstream

The introduction of the SAPPHIRE R7 250X family brings all the features of the AMD GCN architecture to users on a limited budget. The SAPPHIRE R7 250X Vapor-X has 1GB of the latest DDR5 memory clocked at 1300MHz (5.2GB/s effective) and a GCN architecture with 640 stream processors and core clocks of 1100MHz to deliver new levels of performance in its price segment.  It features a dual fan SAPPHIRE exclusive Vapor-X cooler, which delivers quiet and efficient cooling even under load. SAPPHIRE pioneered the use of Vapor Chamber cooler technology in graphics cards and has now used it in several successful series.

The SAPPHIRE R7 250X standard model offers even greater value, being available for as little as $99.  It shares the same architecture as the Vapor-X model, but with the slightly reduced clocks of 1125 MHz (4.5GB/s effective) for the memory and 950MHz for the core. It has a single fan heatsink cooler.

Dual HDMI for HTPC

Another budget model, targeted at small form factor PCs and Home Theatre PCs is the SAPPHIRE R7 240 Low profile card. It unusually features dual HDMI outputs, each supporting HDMI 1.4a with high speed transfer and full 4K display resolution of 4096 x 2160. Both display outputs can be used simultaneously. This model has 2GB of DDR3 memory clocked at 900MHz (1.8GB/s effective). It has a GCN architecture with 320 stream processors and core clocks of 730MHz (780MHz with dynamic boost). The single slot, fan assisted heatsink cooler is lower in height than the card profile, allowing the card to be fitted in any low profile or small form factor chassis.

New Performance models

In the Performance segment, SAPPHIRE has recently introduced two new models in the successful R9-Series. The SAPPHIRE R9 280 is a new model from SAPPHIRE that features the company's industry acclaimed Dual-X cooler. Dual-X, with its two aerofoil fans, and graduated heatpipes, is an efficient and quiet cooler design now used on several SAPPHIRE models. This new card has 3GB of the latest GDDR5 memory clocked at 1250MHz (5GB/s effective) and a GCN core with 1792 stream processors clocked at 850MHz (up to 940MHz with Boost). With support for DirectX 11.2 this card is built to play the very latest games even at higher resolutions. In fact its Ultra HD graphics processor can feed even the new 4K displays with the HDMI 1.4a interface or DisplayPort v1.2 outputs. The on-board Dual BIOS supports both UEFI and legacy systems.

At the same time, SAPPHIRE is introducing a new version of the higher performing SAPPHIRE R9 280X Vapor-X model, combining SAPPHIRE's exclusive Vapor-X cooling with a new Tri-X triple fan design. With an enhanced GCN core with 2048 stream processors, the R9 280X Vapor-X model is factory overclocked to 1GHz core (1100MHz with Boost) and 1500MHz (6GB/s) memory to deliver best in class performance.

Exciting new developments

SAPPHIRE is always looking to deliver the best possible experience for the Enthusiast, and at the show will preview two new top of the range graphics accelerators featuring the company's Advanced Cooling Technologies and delivering the highest performance yet in the SAPPHIRE R9-Series.

AMD FirePro for the Professional

For customers looking for professional graphics solutions for Workstation or high performance multi-screen display applications, SAPPHIRE is now the Exclusive Global Distribution Partner for AMD FireProTM Professional Graphics. Some of the extensive range of AMD FirePro cards for different applications will be on show.

Not just Graphics

SAPPHIRE continues to deliver its Edge series of mini-PCs and will show its current VS8 and VS4 models which offer great power savings for general purpose computing, home use or in specialist applications like Digital Signage.

New Products for Embedded Market

For the professional and integration market, SAPPHIRE will also demonstrate its new 4x4 PC based on AMD's latest SOC (system on a chip) technology. Recently launched at the Embedded World Show by SAPPHIRE's new Embedded Business Unit, this exclusive design is available as a board level solution, or metal cased as a barebone or fully configured PC.

With its long history in graphics, SAPPHIRE's Embedded Business Unit is developing and producing unique products for the visual embedded market, including multi-output add-in graphics cards and modules as well as motherboards featuring on-board multi-output display capability. These solutions target applications with high resolution and multi-display requirements such as Digital Signage, Gaming Machines, Video Surveillance and HD Multi-Displays for information systems.