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SAPPHIRE at CeBit 2011

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SAPPHIRE Technology is showcasing the latest developments in high end graphics for the PC as well as some exciting new introductions at CeBIT 2011, Hall 17, Stand D60.

Building on the success of the SAPPHIRE HD 6000 series - the second generation of graphics cards to support Microsoft DirectX 11 and Windows 7, as well as the exciting new multi-screen technology known as Eyefinity, SAPPHIRE is now able to show a complete top-to-bottom lineup of graphics cards with these capabilities.

Vapor-X and TOXIC Editions have recently been added to the successful HD 6870 series and offer the best performance as well as the most efficient and quiet cooling in their class.

Eyefinity made Easy – with FleX

Unique to SAPPHIRE, the FleX family of cards allows users directly to connect three DVI monitors in Eyefinity mode, without needing costly active adapters or new DisplayPort monitors. The FleX family now includes the HD 5670 FleX – ideal for increased productivity with multi-screen 2D applications, the original HD 5770 FleX, and the recently introduced HD 6870 FleX, adding the latest HDMI and Stereoscopic capability to the family. Previewed at the show will be the latest addition – the HD 6950 FleX, bringing an enhanced level of gaming performance to this family.

Watch your home TV programmes anywhere in the world – that s the ability of the new Xtend TV card from SAPPHIRE - a 1GB HD 5570 graphics card with a built in programmable TV tuner. Connected to a standard TV antenna signal, it will receive and decode local free to air DVB-T TV and radio stations. The user can watch TV on the host PC using Media Center and the remote control supplied – record, save and playback programs at will. Additionally, by installing the supplied FlexiStream software on the PC, users can watch all of their home TV programmes anywhere in the world using the XtendTV client on a remote PC or laptop.

FUSION is here with SAPPHIRE Fusion Mini E350

The SAPPHIRE Fusion mini E350 is a mini-ITX mainboard featuring the E350 (Zacate) APU from AMD. Zacate is the first generation of APU – a combination of CPU and GPU computing technologies onto a single die to improve the performance of both visual and data-intensive tasks. For the first time it combines high-performance serial computing and parallel graphics processing cores on a single chip. The first model is a fully featured board with a host of interface and connectivity options. Different specification options will be offered to OEM customers and channel partners.

The graphics engine of the SAPPHIRE Fusion Mini E350 delivers a full DX 11 feature set over a choice of three display outputs of which any pair can be used concurrently. It can comfortably display HD video content, and will accelerate content in the latest web browsers and Microsoft Office environments as well as in specific supported applications.

SAPPHIRE adds Intel Mainboards

SAPPHIRE has recently introduced Intel based mainboards in the high-end sector for the first time. Designed to appeal to the enthusiast, the first product is a fully featured X58 board, the SAPPHIRE Pure Black X58, supporting the Intel core i7 series of processors. This board incorporates many state of the art features such as on-board USB3.0, SATA III ports in addition to SATA II, Six dual channel DDR3 memory slots and 3 Gen2 (x16/x8/x8) and one Gen1 (x4) PCI-Express expansion slots as well as a host of peripheral connections and on-board 8-channel audio.

Many enthusiasts are keen to performance tune this class of board and CPU, and the SAPPHIRE Pure Black X58 has many features to support ‘overclocking’. The power sections are highly stable, featuring the same type of solid capacitors and the patented SAPPHIRE Diamond Black chokes with coolers that have featured on some of SAPPHIRE’s high end graphics cards.

The second Intel based board from SAPPHIRE supports the new range of SandyBridge processors from Intel. The SAPPHIRE Pure Black P67 Hydra shares many of the features of the X58 model, but in addition to the Intel P67 chipset it uses the Lucid Hydra chip to allow a mix of graphics configurations to be used in its PCI-Express slots. It again incorporates high quality components, extensive I/O and peripheral support and a number of performance tuning features.

Both boards are completed and in production.

SAPPHIRE Mini PC – The Smallest in the world?

The Sapphire EDGE-HD Mini PC is believed to be the smallest PC in its class with its slim, stylish outline. At less than half a litre in volume, it is slimmer and smaller than most wireless access points – in fact around the size of a paperback book! Its stylish design and simple pedestal mount make it equally at home next to a TV or business monitor whilst unobtrusively occupying the minimum of desk or shelf space.

It is a fully featured PC for home, education or business use. Specifications include a second generation 1.66GHz dual core processor, 2GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive and built in wireless connectivity as well as high speed LAN port and four USB ports. It provides high resolution graphics output with a full HD (1920x1080) HDMI interface (HDMI cable and HDMI-DVI adaptors supplied) as well as a VGA monitor output and it has built-in audio with mic-in and line-out sockets. All of this makes it more than capable of handling day to day Office tasks as well as streaming video or browsing the Internet.

Another way in which the Mini PC is a top scorer is in power efficiency. Consuming only around 22W under load, the SAPPHIRE Edge-HD Mini PC uses around 10 times less power than a typical desktop PC – and less than most notebooks – making it one of the Greenest PC solutions available. Power and space savings alone can justify switching to Mini PC for many businesses.

See us in CeBit

SAPPHIRE will be hosting meetings on our booth from 1st to 4th March 2011. Make a date to see us with your local representative – or just stop by the booth in Hall 17, Stand D60

More details

Product information and photographs can be found on our website at www.sapphiretech.com