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MSI N275GTX Lightning breaks 3DMark Vantage world record of 285GTX!

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Beyond the Limits: MSI N275GTX Lightning Edition breaks 3DMark Vantage world records of GTX285!

MSI The world well-known graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI, have already officially announced the top-of-the-range Lightning series graphics card, N275GTX Lightning. The MSI N260GTX Lightning that was released in April has broken the world record by reaching incredible 1.1GHz GPU clock that no other GTX 260 cards can exceed. After N260GTX Lightning, MSI introduced the new N275GTX Lightning with Military Class components, 10 phase PWM, 1792MB GDDR3 memory, Twin Frozr II thermal design with SuperPipe technology, and several overclocking functions. The performance of MSI N275GTX Lightning is even faster than reference GeForce GTX 285 graphics cards, which prove its perfect design and best quality.

N275 Lightning breaks N285GTX Vantage World record
World famous mainboard and graphics card producer, MSI, once again has shown head-turning performance! During MSI-sponsored MOA 2009 overclocking event, 10 teams used MSI N275GTX Lightning graphics card and Eclipse mainboard to achieve higher 3DMark Vantage P score than current P16923 world record of the flagship GeForce GTX 285. George Pavlidis and Stelaras from Greece even achieved an outstanding P18763 score, making the MSI N275GTX Lightning the fastest single-GPU graphics card in the world!

Lightning Performance
All of the contestants gave the N275GTX Lightning a great rating - especially the power supply design, thermal design, Military Class components, and overclocking capabilities. The contestants where able to run all the N275GTX Lightning at a stable -100°C and over 1GHz - the kind of performance usually only achieved by one in ten thousand cards!

Military Class Performance
The outstanding performance of MSI N275GTX Lightning is directly related to the components used to build this graphical beauty. All the Military Class components comply with US Department of Defense MIL-PRF-39003L operating temperature standard, and are used by NASA satellites and shuttles. Highest grade Hi-CAP capacitors, all Solid State Choke design increase stability and lifespan, as well as eliminate high-frequency noise when running a high voltage through the card. A redesigned 10-phase PWM allows the GPU and RAM to receive an even higher power supply quality. Additionally, this card makes use of the unique Twin Frozr II thermal design that uses two fans and extra thick 8mm SuperPipe to quickly and quietly dissipate heat. V-Check Point allows users to quickly check the GPU and RAM voltage, and it is easy to see why this card received the praise from the overclocking masters at MOA.

Beyond the Limits
MSI N275GTX Lightning graphics card, through Military Class components, low-temp, low-noise, and high-performance designs, displays truly outstanding construction – a construction that succeeded in breaking world record ten times at MOA 2009, and redefined peak performance for a single-GPU graphics card!


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275

Memory Clock


Memory Size

1792MB GDDR3 (0.8ns)

GPU Clock


Military Class

Hi-C CAP/SSC/Solid Capacitors

PWM Design

10 Phase PWM for stable operation under extreme conditions


Dynamic adjustment of power for over 90% power efficiency

Cooler Design

Twin Frozer II : Over 23% Cooler than reference design


Multi Heat-Pipe & SuperPipe for 90% better cooling

V-Check Points

Precise voltage measurement of GPU and Memory


Lightning Afterburner: Windows utility for Overvolting and Overclocking

Key Point

Faster than a standard N285GTX

UK Availability

End of August


Approx £206inc vat

* Available now from Scan.