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SAPPHIRE Technology and Cudo Team Up.

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Easy-to-use, all-in-one, and ready-to-mine. These are just some of the expressions that describe the new SAPPHIRE INCA EP-10 GPU Mining Solution, powered by Cudo mining software. Offering the best combination of CPU and GPU technologies, the INCA EP-10 has been designed with AMD EPYC™ Embedded 3251 Processors to handle complex serial processing tasks, and comes available with up to 10 graphics cards for the ultimate in GPU compute performance.

In a tech-space that is evolving quickly, mining farm operators are looking for more than just high hashrates. As they have become more mature organizations’, their needs have evolved too. 

Efficient operations, reliability, great support and professionalism are now more important than ever.

Pre-loading mining kit with industry-leading mining software delivers that operational efficiency. It’s one step out of the process of deploying new hardware into a mining array - a relatively simple process improvement that saves operators the time and effort of installing software onto new kit. And less focus on tech operations means more focus on customer service, revenue generation and other core business priorities.

SAPPHIRE provides global-scale hardware supply logistics. Cudo provides a feature rich, effortless user interface solution that mining farm operators can rely on. Both provide the professionalism and support that can give modern-day mining operators a competitive edge. 

With CudoOS pre-installed at the factory before delivery, mining farms simply need to create an account via Cudo’s miner management console and link the INCA EP-10 to their account by following the customer onboarding guidance provided. That’s just one example of the support Cudo packages into the solution.

Cudo’s mining software does more than just deliver a highly efficient turn-key solution. Cudo Miner will actually ensure optimal performance of the INCA EP-10 with in-built intelligence that will be assured by a close, on-going development partnership.

 “We chose to partner with Cudo for the levels of simplicity and stability that their mining software has achieved. Test users were very easily able to use the INCA EP-10 solution without any compromise on profit generation or performance. For us, we see this as industry disruptive. Cudo’s background in building and scaling global data centers gave us further reassurance that we have the right partner to differentiate our offerings with these enhanced capabilities.” said Adrian Thompson, SAPPHIRE’s Vice President of Global Marketing

Nuno Pereira, Cudo’s Vice President of Partnerships, said “We’re delighted to have partnered with SAPPHIRE to create a crypto-mining solution that will disrupt an already disruptive industry. SAPPHIRE’s global reach and reputation for manufacturing excellence makes it the perfect partner for Cudo in our mission to make better use of the world’s unused computing resources.”

If you are a mining farm operator and want to simplify and improve how you operate with a plug-and-play approach, follow this link to find out where you can buy your Cudo-powered mining equipment.