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Aerocool at Computex 2016

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Dream Box and the booth

Dream Box, recently released by Aerocool on Oct. 2015, is a modular kit consists of a number of aluminum pipes, metal beams, plastic joints etc. allowing you to create anything out of your imagination. Whether it be the conventional rectangular PC case, or a helicopter themed PC, or simply just a fun structure like a coat hanger, a photo frame, a name it, the only limitation is your imagination!

This year in Computex, Aerocool is building the booth out of Dream Box!  With enlarged components, a mega structure of Drone can be seen with the size of the entire booth size! Come and see for yourself and you will discover the fun playing with Dream Box and see some of the structures built by Aerocool team and by other users from around the world.

Project 7

Project 7, a new line of family products designed by a team of Industrial designers and engineers from Aerocool, will be showing for the first time in public this Computex.  This line of products are the result of numerous brainstorming sessions and trial and errors in the hope to bring to the public a new line of products that we have never seen before.  So, what is Project 7?  Come and find out!


In the booth, we will be showing what's hot currently in the gaming market, that is, gaming chair to be exact!  Models designed by Aerocool team will be displayed and please take your time to have a seat and feel the comfort while playing online games.

Aerocool will also be displaying numerous hi-end accessories such as power strips with USB charging ports or Smart Watch charging station with aluminum casing...etc.  These will be great add-on accessories for everyone!

Be Cool! Be Aerocool!