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Sharkoon launches RGB LIT 100 and RGB LIT 200

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Pohlheim, 13 December 2019 - Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals, offering performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now introduces two new midi ATX towers: the RGB LIT 100 and RGB LIT 200. These are two strikingly impressive PC cases, which features a tempered glass front and side panel, an addressable RGB fan in the back plus an LED strip at the bottom of the glass side panel. The front of the RGB LIT 100 catches the eye with its circuit-board pattern and the RGB LIT 200 with its pattern of jagged waves. In addition, both cases provide enough space for fans, powerful hardware and up to six SSDs.

Eye-Catching Reflective Front Panel 

Both RGB LIT cases benefit from an impressive RGB lighting in the front, which can be flexibly programmed and synchronized with other compatible lighting elements. The front panel itself is made of tempered glass. With the LIT 100, this has a reflective circuit board pattern, while the LIT 200 has a reflective design of jagged waves. Inside the front, there are LED strips that emit an individualized lighting over the entire pattern. 

Clever Airflow for Cool Hardware

Behind the conspicuous front panel of each RGB LIT case there is a 120 millimeter fan. This works together with an additional RGB illuminated fan at the back of the case to ensure a constant airflow. Through vents in the front, the necessary fresh air is drawn inward and then transported through to the back of the case. To further emphasize the RGB lighting at the front, the rear fan has been equipped with addressable LEDs. In addition, up to four additional fans can be installed: two in the front and two in the top of the case. However, the installation of water cooling is also no problem for the RGB LIT cases. In the front, a 6.4 centimeter thick radiator including fans will find room, and in the top of the case, 5.5 centimeters space is available.

Stylish and Practical 

The RGB LIT cases not only offer an elegant and impressive appearance, but the two models can also convince from the inside. Useful features such as a power supply tunnel, several cable pass-throughs and dust filters behind each air intake all ensure a neat and tidy interior. In addition, enough space is provided to accommodate graphics cards with a length of up to 35 centimeters. There is also enough space available for CPU coolers with a height of up to 15.7 centimeters and a power supply with a maximum length of 21.5 centimeters.

Hardware on Stage 

Inside, the RGB lighting caters for a spectacular illumination of the components. This is mainly due to the addressable LED strip at the bottom of the glass side panel, which provides a variety of effects and an illumination across the inside of the housing. Thanks to the tempered glass side panel, the user has an unrestricted view of the inside of the case. The trick: The side panel is attached on the back of the case via barely noticeable thumbscrews.

Sufficient Room for Data Storage

Both cases can accommodate up to six SSDs, which can be mounted behind the mainboard tray or on the power supply tunnel. In addition, there is an HDD/SSD cage within the tunnel, which can either accommodate two more SSDs or two 3.5 inch hard drives.

Price and Availability

The Sharkoon RGB LIT 100 and the RGB LIT 200 are now both available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 59.90 euros.



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