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iBUYPOWER Announces new MR Series of Cases


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LOS ANGELES, CALIF., OCTOBER 16, 2019 – iBUYPOWER, a leading manufacturer of custom gaming PCs, today announced its new MR Series of PC cases, expanding upon the company’s signature Slate, Trace and Element series of cases.

The Slate MR, Trace MR and Element MR all feature a black, partial-mirror finish on the front and side tempered glass panels. This custom finish gives the illusion of a mirror and reflects its surroundings when systems are off and no lighting is visible. When the enclosure is illuminated by the four addressable RGB (ARGB) fans included with each MR case, users will have a clear view of the internal components of their PC.

While similar in specifications, each of the MR cases feature a strikingly different aesthetic design on the front panel. The Element MR is designed with the same classic, flat face of its predecessor while the Slate and Trace MR both have three-dimensional crystalline shapes. Continuing the triangular pattern on the current Slate case, the MR version is constructed with three separate asymmetrical tempered glass panels. In comparison, the front panel of the Trace MR is composed of more traditional clean edges that come together to form a symmetrical trapezoid.

Costco Connection

Now easier than ever to purchase a reliable gaming PC, users will find iBUYPOWER systems, housed in the new Element MR, available for purchase at 538 Costco warehouse locations across the United States starting on October 1st. Just in time for the holiday season, iBUYPOWER has designed a system to pack a punch and support both entry level and experienced gamers.

Equipped with the 9th generation Intel® Core™ i7-9700F processor, latest NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2060 SUPER™, over two TB of storage, 16GB of DDR4 and Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition, the CO900iV2 gaming system will come plug and play ready. iBUYPOWER is the first desktop local OEM (DT LOEM) in the gaming industry to have its products approved for in-store, warehouse sales at Costco.

Best Buy

With a wide selection of systems available at over 800 Best Buy store locations across the US, customers will have no shortage of options for a gaming PC. iBUYPOWER's recently released signature gaming PCs will come with various combinations of Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs tailored to meet performance and casual gaming requirements

Spanning across Intel’s 9th generation technology and enclosed in either the Trace MR or the Slate MR customers can have their pick among systems sporting the Intel® Core™ i5-9400F, i7-9700F or the i7-9700K processors.


The Trace MRSlate MR and Element MR will be available as part of a pre-built gaming PC on Customers can select from prebuilt, ready to ship RDY Systems or use the iBUYPOWER configurator to customize a system to their liking. System prices will vary, see website for more detail.

The Element MR will be available for purchase as part of a pre-built gaming PC at various Costco warehouses across the United States (US). Starting MSRP for this system will be $1299.99 USD.

The Trace MR and Slate MR will be available as part of several pre-built gaming PCs at 800 Best Buy store locations across the US. Starting MSRP for the systems will range from $849.99 - $1749.99 USD, store availability may vary.





The Element MR will also be available as part of a pre-built gaming system at for a starting MSRP of $999.99 USD. 


Since 1999, iBUYPOWER has embodied its core beliefs of Perseverance, Unity, Strength, and Ambition, to deliver on its promise to build the best gaming systems for the most discerning gamers. Even in a time when PCs were not as ubiquitous as they are today, we fueled the passion for gaming by giving our customers the highest quality in custom built computers. Our systems have since become the backbone for professional gamers, game developers, LAN centers, major esports tournaments, and everyday consumers. iBUYPOWER has worked intimately with brands such as Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft, WD, ASUS, Bethesda, MLG and many more. Superior performance, reliability, cutting edge technology and timely production make iBUYPOWER the authority in PC gaming.