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QOTW: How often do you use speech recognition?

by Parm Mann on 6 March 2015, 16:30

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Seamless voice recognition remains the Holy Grail of computer input, but despite the rise to prominence of Cortana, Google Now and Siri, we're still not up to the standards of the Starship Enterprise.

Despite the marketing and the witty responses, questions remain over whether or not today's voice recognition services are good enough to be used on a regular basis. And understanding what the user is saying is only part of the problem - figuring out specific commands can be a mystery, using voice recognition when others are around still feels taboo, and a lot of the time, isn't it just less hassle to use a good ol' keyboard?

To find out, we're putting the question to you: how often do you use speech recognition? And in your experience, do the current services work well? Let us know in the comments below.

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I have used it with decent success on the IMDB App for Android and also searching on the Google Play Store, for this basic type stuff as long as you speak clearly with a concise break between words it seems to work just fine.

Not used it though for anything else really.
I think (ignoring possible accent/background noise issues in certain situations) it can work reasonably well as a keyboard replacement in certain situations where a relatively narrow range of commands or common language can be expected. However, any application that requires specialist language (business, scientific etc.) or where there will be frequent input of non-standard words (e.g. names), it is currently not even close to useful.
I use it on my Windows Phone, it's great for sending text messages when I'm driving and for setting appointments/reminders too. Plus Cortana works well with it as well
I only use it on android when I know it will understand what I'm asking for… it either doesn't like my accent (it's not heavy) on certain words. Other than that it's usually quicker to just ‘type it’ because I normally need to fix what it thinks I'm saying.
All the time. But mostly on my phone. Great for notes and not having to fish my phone out of a pocket. I do have to check any notes and documents latter though as even when it has learnt my speech patterns it still makes mistakes.