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QOTW: Which tech company do you admire the most?

by Parm Mann on 8 March 2013, 16:30

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According to Fortune magazine, the three most-admired companies in the world today originate from the tech industry.

Apple, Google and Amazon, in order of admiration, stand firm at the top of the league tables, but as with all surveys, the results can be the subject of an interesting debate.

So this week we're putting the question to you; we want to know, which tech company do you admire the most?

Post your answers, including your reasons why, using the comments system below.

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Google for leading the curve and running away with success as a result, they really understand what people on the internet want.

Asus for making beautiful products and emerging as a more widely known name each day.

Samsung for crushing Apple in as many places as possible.
When they were still around, I really liked BFG, the graphics card company. Great warranties, great board designs (to my mind at least), and always seemed to offer that little bit extra. When they were still around, I wouldn't buy a card from any other manufacturer.

These days, probably Logitech. They always seem to be doing something interesting, and everything I've had from them has been high quality, and I've known that whatever happens, they will sort it out if it goes wrong. The G5 mouse is the oldest bit of PC tech I still use, by a huge margin, and I've got good usage out of my G110 and G510 as well. Then on top of that the Squeezeboxes, which are fantastic, their universal remotes… all brilliant gear.

Now all I need is a G710+ :p
I would say Asus too. Great breadth of products, and a good combination of quality/reliability/price/innovation.
I like Amazon and Asus these days for offering outstanding service and products respectively. But I'll always have a spot in my heart for 3dfx and Orchid Technology for their Righteous 3D line of Voodoo graphics-based accelerator cards. If you've owned them then you already know why.
#1 Google: As said before they're always No.1 by taking the next step on innovation.
#2 Nvidia/AMD: For giving us and others the neverending “green vs red” fight.
#3 Cooler Master: For their recent products. Great build quality.