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QOTW: What's caught your eye at Computex 2012?

by Parm Mann on 8 June 2012, 17:00

Tags: Taitra

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The sun's setting on our time in hot-and-humid Taipei, but we've conquered another Computex and this year's show has been chock-full of new products from all the usual suspects.

We've seen a monstrous GeForce graphics card from ASUS, as well as a monstrous Radeon from PowerColor, Cooler Master's previewed the eagerly-anticipated Storm Scout II chassis, be quiet!s put forward a contender for the best power supply on the market, and Corsair has introduced a fourth-generation SSD based on a new Link_A_Media controller.

There's plenty more where that come from over at our dedicated Computex 2012 event page, but we're ready to get on a plane home so while we're in the air, we're putting the question to you; which products have caught your eye at this year's Computex?

Is there anything you've already put on your shopping list, is there an emerging technology that you'll be keeping an eye on in future, or has Computex 2012 failed to live up to expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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I was surprised to find that I really liked the look of the MSI Slider S20, and also the Silverstone SG09 and Fortress 4 looked very nice, too.
The Mars ROG III is essentially pointeless ep33n, although this sort of OTT tech does end up filtering down through other products so I don't mind it too much ;)
The Silverstone cases caught my attention as did the Asus Taichi
The Corsair Girls…

well, what did you expect with a question like that?
The Tactus touchscreen, was fascinating, especially for me as I have little sensation in my fingers due to a neurological illness. the touch screens on phones I find rather difficult to feel and a raised surface would help no end. I wonder how long it will take this tech to be incorporated in to touch screen phones.
Despite everyone else saying they hate it lol I really liked the look of the ft04 :D.