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QOTW: Which PC components did you upgrade in 2019?

by Parm Mann on 6 December 2019, 16:31

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We're getting to that time of year where we can look back at the past 12 months and evaluate what tech has had to offer in 2019.

In the component space, we've seen AMD and Intel lock horns as the many-core contest reached new heights, the GeForce vs. Radeon battle has been rekindled, and the widespread availability of M.2 SSDs has brought ultra-fast storage to the mainstream. Add to that new motherboards, high-quality coolers and Type-C chassis, and there's been plenty of opportunity to breathe new life into your PC experience.

It is always interesting to hear which parts, if any, have proven popular with HEXUS readers, so for this December instalment of our Question of the Week, let us ask: which PC components did you upgrade in 2019? Let us know using the comments facility below, and don't forget to mention how said upgrades are working out.

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I think I upgraded Mobo, CPU and GPU earlier this year… Definitely did them, just can't recall when.

Working very well, though!
Nothing this year, although I do keep getting an itch..
Current rig is
i7-3770, 16Gb RAM, SSD, RX580.

As I don't really get a lot of time for gaming these days I see little need to upgrade, perhaps I'll downsize to ITX at some point when iGPU's are good enough and I don't need a half-decent card for stuff..
Got a new Ryzen platform. Tight budget though and I could only afford a B450 motherboard (AsRock) and a Ryzen 5 1400. Also upgraded the graphics card from a R9 380 to a GTX 1660. Bought a AData NVMe as a system drive as well. Very pleased with the performance, especially the GTX 1660. I can play all the new games on 1080p and Ultra settings with decent framerates (45-55 FPS in Bordelands 3 on Badass settings). I plan on upgrading the CPU in the future with a 3000 series, but for now it does the job very well.
mobo cpu and some memory
Just upgraded what I use to listen to music with the pc. From an Asus Xonar Essence STX and AKG K550s to an Audiolab M-DAC and Shure SRH1540s. VERY pleased with the result.