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QOTW: What is stopping you from using a high-quality projector?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 31 March 2017, 16:31

Tags: BenQ, HEXUS

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There's something so satisfying controlling Nathan Drake on a 3m-wide wall

Watching movies and playing games on a big screen is just fun. Though TVs have become larger and cheaper in recent years, there is little that can beat the entertainment thrill of your very own cinema.

To that end, projectors have upped their game in terms of picture quality and lag, meaning they're an alluring choice if you have the space for a big screen. We've had some fun playing on a gaming projector recently.

So this got us thinking. Other than a lack of space, and leading on to this iteration of the Question of the Week, what is stopping all of you gaming and cinema buffs from using a high-quality projector? Is it price, picture quality, noise or something else?

As always, all thoughts are welcome, and do leave your thinking in the comments facility below.

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Noisey and don't work well in anything like normal lighting.
They cost a bomb, you need a screen and you need to draw the curtains.
TV is in the corner. Projection would look weird.
Is this a serious question, Hexus?

Review - BenQ W1210ST short-throw gaming projector:
Hexus says, "Build quality is solid, as you would expect on a unit priced at around £850. A replacement lamp costs around £250".

Hexus also says, “It's now eminently possible to buy a 50in, 1080p TV for £300 or so, and even stepping up to a 4K resolution is possible for under £500”.

£850 (+£250 if it goes wrong) versus £500.
Why do you think I'm not using a high-quality projector…?

The actual answer is mainly that I'm saving for VR and for a 27" 1440p monitor to fill the gap while I do… but still!!
My bedroom has the ideal setup for this (being an internal room with no windows). I've got a 100in motorised screen that drops down from the ceiling, and an Epson projector roughly equivalent to the one in this article, with a Logitech 5.1 system I handily had lying around unused. I didn't get much change from £1200 for the whole setup (money I probably shouldn't have spent, in hindsight), but zero regrets - GTA 5 is nothing short of eye-watering on it.

The bulbs *are* expensive but for the amount of time I actually spend gaming these days, I don't think it'll be a problem. I might run about 5 hours per week, at most. The only slight issue I have is the heat output - that thing is like a heater.