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QOTW: Will your next PC employ a discrete graphics card?

by Parm Mann on 21 February 2014, 16:30


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Few things are as fun as putting together a specification for a new PC build. And it's interesting to observe the subtle shift in component choices over the years. In our own minds, optical drives are no longer a necessity, power supplies needn't carry massive capacity ratings, hard disks play second-fiddle to SSDs and small-and-quiet is preferable to big-and-loud.

But what about the graphics department? Historically speaking, a discrete graphics card has been the preferred option, largely due to the woeful ability of CPU-integrated alternatives. Is that still the case? Intel's IGPs have gradually moved forward, AMD's APUs are now carrying latest-generation Radeon cores, and with the rise of smartphones, tablets and games consoles, you have to ask: how much gaming potential will your next PC really need?

A couple of HEXUS team members have recently downsized to Intel NUCs, and they claim not to miss the dedicated horsepower of a larger machine. Though, they might think again when Titanfall is released.

But it's that time of the week where we put the question to you, our readers: will your next PC employ a discrete graphics card? Or do you see the IGP as being sufficient? Let us know your thoughts, for or against, using the comments facility below.

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For what purpose? My main gaming PC will always have a discrete graphics card (I don't get that… they aren't that discrete these days) but for a mobile solution or media PC? Nah I think I'll stick to the integrated as they are getting better and better.
discrete , always
Yes, and probably the 780ti's Maxwell replacement (or a discounted 780ti if the price drops a lot), up from a 670. The consumer Rift looks to be aiming towards 1920x1080 at 95Hz, so something that can sustain that with no drops whatsoever is needed, with as little latency as possible. We're decades from the point of diminishing returns for VR, so every bit of graphical grunt will be an improvement.
Probably not, as I'll be buying a Surface Pro 2 for uni.
Waiting for the rest of maxwell to release, then ill be grabbing the 860/870 or equivalent