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QOTW: What's the best graphics card you've ever bought?

by Parm Mann on 14 December 2012, 16:30


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We had some really interesting responses to the previous question of the week - where we asked you to name your best PC chassis of all time - so we're going to continue along those PC-building lines with this follow-up: what's the best graphics card you've ever bought?

It's a heck of a question when you give it some thought, for what really makes a satisfying graphics card? Would it be something you picked up on the cheap? One that provided a revolutionary leap in performance? Perhaps a particular feature that blew you away? Or even a game bundle that lingers long in the memory.

We've had some interesting debate here in the HEXUS labs. Tarinder's settled on the GeForce 256 simply because of the jump in performance while I'm leaning toward the Radeon 9800XT - it came bundled with Half Life 2, and it's surely the games that make the card?

We can't decide, so it's over to you, the readers. What's the best graphics card you've ever bought?

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3DFX Voodoo 2 Sli, what an upgrade. Bought 2 of them when I was 15 put them in my Compaq Presario.
my Current radeon HD 4550 LP Card +Best. its been chugging along( barely but still lol..) doing its best to let me enjoy my gaming albeit rather slowly =)
GTX 285, still using it.
3dfx Voodoo 2. First true 3D card. At the time with some of the old Glide / Quake / Hexen / Half-Life era games, quite outstanding.
Coolesmaster chassis & GTX 1gb 460 OC,, still best perform value till now