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QOTW: Are you upgrading to AMD Ryzen 5000 Series?

by Parm Mann on 6 November 2020, 16:31


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AMD's latest desktop Ryzen processors have arrived and as expected the 5000 Series is the chip giant's best effort yet. Performance is excellent irrespective of workload, and dramatic improvements in IPC have banished any thought of Ryzen being a sub-optimal choice for gaming.

The initial quartet of desktop models are undoubtedly impressive, but AMD's forward march has been so relentless that Zen 3 appears to have come around almost too quickly. The paint on our 3950X test platforms is barely dry, and we're now wondering if it's worth migrating to the 5950X less than a year later.

What's the general mood among our readers? Are you tempted to upgrade, or are you content with your current hardware? Share your thoughts using the comments facility below.

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I am sure many will,but at current pricing unlikely in my case. I might hold out and see what happens next year,but I am pessimistic about it.
I am not upgrading right now from my 3700X but will in about 2 years with a used Zen 3 CPU. Right now I'm happy with its performance and don't need more for gaming @ 1440p. I bought it 10 months ago, hoping Zen 3 would be great (which it is) and hoping for a great upgrade 2-3 years down the line, getting a used Zen 3 CPU. Looks like everything is lining up and I am grateful for the continued support of the AM4 socket.
Even with all the noise on price, they're sold out everywhere so the question's a nonstarter.

They look pretty juicy but I'm happy to wait until the new year, see where the price/performance on these and Rocket Lake is at that point.
Highly unlikely, I am likely to wait for socket AM5, go for a new motherboard and CPU then and leave the way open for a further CPU upgrade, on the same motherboard, a few years later. Added to which, there's nothing wrong with my R7 2700.
Yes, although i may have to wait for better pricing. I'll pass on my i7 6700K/mobo to my sons rig, to replace the i5 2500K that is still going very strong even in recent games.