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QOTW: How often do you upgrade your PC chassis?

by Parm Mann on 19 March 2021, 16:31

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It is customary for core components to be upgraded between builds, but certain parts - chassis, power supplies and storage - are easily carried across multiple generations. The chassis, in particular, has the potential to live on well beyond other hardware, as evidenced by ongoing support for the decades-old ATX form factor.

Makes you wonder, how often do folk upgrade their PC chassis, and do any of you continue to house new parts in ageing enclosures? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Well in the old days when i was into modding, i could change case every 1-2 years, but the current one i am using ( slightly modified lian li midi tower ) are actually pretty old by now, as i recall this last mod i did in 2008, and it now had the insides change 3 times ( though not adapted to fit the original mod as that also had GFX and RAM water cooled and now only the CPU are water cooled )
So current hardware are just “thrown” in there comparing to when i really care building a computer.

Not owned a beige case since forever or at least my 700 MHZ machine.
Current ALU case have had a custom shaped window made with actual glass ( brands used plastic back then not actual glass like now ) and then the case have been powder coated black ( by me too ) and some things have been mirror polished or was chromed, and then given a transparent coat of red )

If you buy a good case in regard to function, you should hardly ever need to upgrade for anything else but aesthetic reasons.
It's got to be pushing 5 years old. It looks a bit dated in terms of style and features now but after taking some panels off it it still does the job.

Next time I upgrade motherboard & CPU I will think about changing it.
Not very often, still using an Antec P182 from 2007 and a Fractal Design R5 from 2014 for my two main builds. Both are built like tanks and good at keeping noise levels down, everything else has been upgraded but I don't see any reason to ‘upgrade’ the chassis. I did buy a 5.25" USB 3 panel for the P182 though because it only had USB2 ports on the front.
Antec 300 cough

But it depends - I have also made a server this week into a brand new Corsair 200R because it will be quieter than the current server (it's a 1u HP - man it's loud) and has 4 internal 3.5" hard drive bays
Probably only changed it once in the last 15 years or so.

Current one is a Lian Li PC-B25FB that I've modded several times now. I think aluminum cases are very good for cooling.