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Apple iPad mini is in production

by Mark Tyson on 4 October 2012, 12:30

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Apple hasn’t confirmed the iPad mini, or anything to do with the new handy sized tablet. However we have had a couple of news reports come in; firstly confirming the start of mass production of the new 7.85-inch screened iPad mini and secondly a report showing case accessories being produced with picture and video evidence.

Mass production of the iPad mini

The Wall Street Journal has been speaking to sources in Taiwan who confirm mass production of the iPad mini has started. Last month factories in Taiwan and South Korea began producing the required screens for the new tablet. Now executives from component makers in Taiwan have let slip that the iPad mini tablets are now on production lines. Apple declined to comment on the news.

Cygnett cases

An Australian blog, going by the name of ProductFeedback, has revealed some cases specially made, and accordingly packaged, for the Apple iPad mini. The video shows off two Cygnett branded cases which were apparently bought from an Australian retailer. While the iPad mini covers look authentic and packaged to a high standard it has been known in the past that cases and accessories are made from leaked specs to gaining market advantage in a bit of a development gamble. Cygnett is a pretty big worldwide brand, with products in over 45,000 worldwide retail outlets, so probably wouldn’t make cases like this on the off-chance.

According to the ProductFeedback blogger the cases measure 20cm long, 13cm wide and 1cm deep. There are two case types and colours shown; the blue “Enigma” flexi-folding folio case and the black “Armour” extra-protective fitted case. Have a look at the video to see and hear more.

HEXUS ran an article a month ago compiling a lot of information from “out there”, about what may be inside the new iPad mini. The Telegraph believes the Apple iPad mini will be revealed on the 17th October and on sale shortly after, possible the 2nd November. The 7-inch tablet form factor has been very popular with Android consumers and is seen as a great compromise between screen size and portability. 7-inchers can be produced at a keener price than a 10-inch device.

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Steve will be turning in his grave yet again…it appears Apple are backtracking on many of his ideals recently, half arsed software, 7" tablets are too small. I hope they realise that his vision made them the company they are today and little things are beginning to mount up to possibly send them sliding again
Apple don't seem to be able to keep a secret like they should.

The only surprise from the iPhone 5 announcement was that there was no surprise. No “one more thing”, nothing that hadn't been leaked or guessed at. All very mundane. Same goes for the iPad mini when it is eventually announced. I wonder how many leaks well see reported before then?
It does seem that things have changed all the way down from the very top to the very bottom…Apple just aren't the same company any more
Apple are just trying to regain their losses from the newly released Google Nexus 7, which is a beast of a tablet. I doubt that apple will be able to have the same price as the Nexus 7 as it is selling at a price that means there is very little profits for google and Asus.
I'm looking forward to the Nexus 7 with 32GB and hopefully 3G too.