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Polaroid reveals new Froyo-powered Android tablet

by Steven Williamson on 9 January 2012, 09:59

Tags: Polaroid

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A 9.7 inch Android-powered tablet has surfaced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, manufactured by film and camera maker, Polaroid.

Android Central snapped the device and filmed a short video demonstrating its interface, while revealing some of the specifications.

The tablet sports a Cortex A8 processor and runs Android 2.2 Froyo. Other specifications include:

- 4GB of ROM
- 2MP camera
- 6800mAh battery

There's no word yet on release date, pricing, or even which territories the tablet is slated for, but more details should surface throughout the week as CES opens its doors officially on January 10th.

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Who next I wonder? A hoover branded tablet? All these odd name tablets seem to be just cheap Chinese tablets rebranded anyway - aka the Disgo brand tablets which are also the same as sylvania, flypad, superpad etc depending on where you buy them but are actually all made by the same unknown Chinese firm.
Who next I wonder? A hoover branded tablet? …

Dyson, with some funky looking huge trackball embedded in one end ;)
9.7", theres an Apple court case straight off :lol:

What is its selling feature, from that short clip it looks pretty weak..
Froyo? There's a blast from the past, what's up with that?
Froyo? There's a blast from the past, what's up with that?

Looks very weak. We should find out more tomorrow.