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Third of Brits would choose tablet over laptop

by Sarah Griffiths on 29 October 2010, 10:17

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Must-have features

Overall, the survey also found the most important tablet functionality for UK consumers is access to the internet (84 percent), followed by emails (65 percent), and multi-tasking abilities (48 percent).

Over a third of consumers have pre-loaded e-book reader software or newspaper content on their tablet and perhaps unsurprisingly, 56 percent want battery life of over 10 hours, again pushing the iPad up in the desirability stakes as it trumps the Galaxy tab's 7 hour battery life by 3 hours.

Intriguingly, despite money being tight for a lot of people, consumers are willing to pay an average of £458 for their tablet, with three quarters of people willing to splash up to £500 and one in five, between £500 and £700.

Those that already own a tablet reportedly spend an average of 2.5 hours on the device every day, with 6 percent playing for over 6 hours. Unsurprisingly, the majority of users browse the web, while 7 percent read e-books and 4.5 percent use it to watch films and TV.

Bruce Fair, MD of Kelkoo UK, said: "Apple undoubtedly has the ‘Midas touch' when it comes to transforming the fortunes of consumer tech devices, and as the iPod did with MP3 players, there are already clear signs that the iPad is the dominant player in the burgeoning tablet PC market. Industry experts have already predicted that consumers will buy 21 million iPads by the end of next year and other analysts put the number even higher."

"Although responsible for redefining the market, the functionality of the first generation of iPad has its limitations, with competitors promising to deliver better portability and usability. The soon to be available Samsung Galaxy Tab's use of Android, for example, will enable users to play flash movies, something the iPad doesn't currently offer. However, unfortunately for Samsung, the ‘Apple factor' still weighs heavily on gadget lovers' minds and its slick designs and cool brand image are a tough act to follow," he added.

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Also read this article as “Two thirds of people would choose a laptop over a tablet”. Contents could also include phrases such as “Three quarters of people cited a camera and phone function as NOT ‘important elements' that a tablet should tout”.

It's all in the presentation.
Personally I'd choose a netbook over a tablet - But that just because they're cheaper and have a keyboard….