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e-reader sales to top 35m by 2014 says report

by Sarah Griffiths on 14 September 2010, 14:26

Tags: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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iPad hits China and Stephen Fry's techie book

However, Apple is busy readying itself for the launch of its iPad which will go on sale in China on 17 September at the company's posh retail stores and other authorised resellers. It will be interesting whether the tablet will be in as much demand as when it launched in the UK, especially as there are apparently a number of rip-offs available in China including the wonderfully named iPed.

And finally, national treasure Stephen Fry has claimed a publishing ‘first' by releasing his autobiography as an ebook, iPhone app and normal hardback simultaneously.

The cost of The Fry Chronicles, arguably encourages people to try a new format as the ebook and Apple App are noticeably cheaper than the hardback's £20 ticket price at £12.99 and £7.99 respectively, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The myFry app reportedly lets users read the book but has a colour-coded index so people can dip into any chapter they choose.

It reportedly promises: "This non-linear structure allows you to create your own personal narrative. Instead of doing something rather prosaic, like reproducing the printed book on a touch-screen, myFry's unique visual index encourages users to discover and interact with Stephen's story in new and unexpected ways."

The book's publisher, Penguin, said the techie formats stem from Fry's love of technology.

Jeremy Ettinghausen, digital publisher at the firm told the newspaper: "Every word of The Fry Chronicles is in the myFry app, but the design and technology have allowed us to create an experience that would not be possible in print, and discover a new way to present an author's work."

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