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e-reader sales to top 35m by 2014 says report

by Sarah Griffiths on 14 September 2010, 14:26

Tags: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Despite reports that tablets, most notably Apple's iPad will erode the sales of dedicated e-reader devices, one report has predicted e-reader shipments will reach 35m in 2014.

According to research firm In-Stat, standalone e-reader shipments will grow from 12m units by the end of this year to a huge 35m in 2014, even though shipments of tablets are also tipped to soar, perhaps suggesting the market is big enough for both despite commentators' scaremongering.

The research predicted tablet unit shipments will top around 58m in 2014, eclipsing their e-reader peers.

"Tablet PC shipments are taking off, fueled in particular by the Apple iPad introduction. Yet, there will still be a revenue opportunity for e-reader suppliers and OEMs since tablet PCs and e-readers target different consumers," says Stephanie Ethier, Senior Analyst, In-Stat.  

"Standalone e-readers will address the needs of avid readers, to whom the reading experience is central. Tablets are better suited for consumers who prefer a stronger multimedia experience, and only light reading," she added.

The research also predicted e-readers will fall in price in the lead up to this Christmas with a $99 model probable.

While some analysts believe there is plenty of room for tablets and e-readers to peacefully co-exist it seems Amazon is not willing to risk it and has debuted a Kindle advert taking a pop at Apple's iPad.

The commercial highlights the e-readers e-ink screen which gets rid of glare, comparing directly to Apple's tablet in a move that is sure to irk the computer giant.