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Amazon debuts UK Kindle store

by Sarah Griffiths on 6 August 2010, 12:03

Tags: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

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Amazon has opened its UK Kindle Store giving Brits access to a smaller store without extra fees.

The Kindle UK store offers a library with 400,000 e-books including a host of UK newspapers and magazines such as The Daily Mail, Evening Standard and the Economist, sold on a monthly subscription basis. 

The UK site also bins the extra fees UK Kindle owners previously incurred from downloading books from the US site. e-book prices start at just £2.79 with new hardbacks for Kindle peaking at £11.25.

e-books brought from the Kindle UK store will work on Kindles and updated apps on other devices that can handle the new store version.  The retail giant has previously announced it plans to roll out stores to other countries, although no more details are known.

Amazon has also launched two downloadable free game apps for its second and third generation Kindle devices via its US site. Every Word, is a scrambled vocabulary game and Shuffled Row, another puzzle offering is designed to add some tablet-esque diversity to the e-readers.

To date, the Kindle's app platform has had limited success with few apps available beyond the preloads, despite major developers like EA reportedly being on board to create new applications.

However, as the popularity of tablets with e-reader functionality soars, Amazon may be keen to prioritize its software offering to gain more ground in the e-reader market.

The company recently sold out of its third generation Kindle models, available in the UK for £109 and £149 for the 3G model within five days of launch due to ‘strong demand'.

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