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Amazon unveils next-generation Kindle

by Sarah Griffiths on 29 July 2010, 13:42

Tags: Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

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e-reader excitement

Amazon has proved  rumours true by unveiling its sleeker next generation Kindle with Wi-Fi and optional 3G connectivity.

Rumours were rife of a new arrival after Amazon listed its Kindle 6 inch e-reader as ‘out of stock' with no expected in-stock date. 

In-line with predictions, the next generation Kindle is smaller and lighter than their predecessors. Available in two versions both with Wi-Fi, fans can choose a $189 model with 3G wireless or Wi-Fi only version for $139, undercutting Barnes & Noble's Wi-Fi enabled Nook by about $10. 


The new Kindle can be pre-ordered in white or graphite and is due to ship on 27 August. 

Amazon said both models boast clearer text and sharper images, as the ‘high-contrast E-Ink screen is 50 percent better than any other e-reader'. While they still have the same six inch reading areas, both versions are sleeker with a 21 percent smaller body with a soft-touch textured back and are 17 percent lighter.

Importantly, the next generation models have double the storage capacity of their predecessors and are now able to store around 3,500 e-books. At 8.5 ounces and 8.7 ounces for the 3G version, both Kindles are ‘lighter than a paperback and thinner than a magazine' according to Amazon.

Other tweaks include quieter page turn buttons plus faster page turning, voice guide read-to-me menus, as well as an improved PDF reader that now includes dictionary, notes and highlight functions. 

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Interesting to see they've launched a UK site too selling the wifi version for £109 or the 3G version for £149.

I'm very tempted with a 3G version. I've currently got an iRiver Story which I know I can sell on without a problem. The idea of being able to have a daily newspaper ‘delivered’ every morning when I'm travelling is very appealing as is being able to get a book within a minute of paying for it. The Story requires Adobe Digital Editions which on the Mac is a hideous piece of software, almost bad enough to make me not buy new books for the Story.
I've gone for the 3g, the idea of getting some of the magazins and journals, not just the papers is excellent.

Not to mention it covers it effortlessly when I'm abroad, because sure I could use the wifi and make my phone a hot spot, but really? I want something thats quite effortless, and i'll pay a one off fee of £40 for that functionality!

Then a small margin for each book I find I want/need as I will be mostly using it for a lot of my reference books.
£109 ? Couldn't they have squeezed it to the magic £99 figure ? :)

Still a much better price point than previously, I might buy one even through I have an ipad (with kindle app).

Are my kindle books tied to one device, or are all books on my kindle account transferrable between devices ?
Dependent on the available periodicals I may well be interested in oue of these myself - the price is a pretty sweet spot, and if they can get the Kindle edition prices down to a little less than paperback prices on books I'd definitely be interested.
am thinking of getting one for the missus.

My only question is do you have to buy the books from america amazon or will they put them on uk site too soon.